Romantic Wedding Jewelry from Trink Jewelry
May 1, 2013
I can't wait to be a bride. For the obvious reasons of course, I love planning a good party, I get to wear a pretty dress all day long and most importantly marry the love of my life! But secretly, I am so excited to work with the amazingly talented vendors that today's wedding industry is jam-packed with. There is so much to choose from out there with most vendors offering custom designs, that achieving a style of your own, is an easy feat. That is most definitely the case with these gorgeous bobbles from Trink Jewelry's Petal Collection. Although inspired by vintage and times past, these pretties would fit just about any style. See the entire collection dripping with romance right here in the gallery.
SMP: Tracy, tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Trink Jewelry
TJ: I have always been into making tiny intricate things, even as a child I had begun to bead and make jewelry for myself, family & friends- I knew that straight from high school I wanted to study fashion & become a designer one day. I started selling my trinkets to my favourite Montreal boutiques by the age of twenty and once finished fashion school, I refined my jewelry making skills by completing studies to become a metalsmith. By the age of twenty-five I had opened my own boutique from which I quickly began to specialize in custom bridal jewelry & accessories.

SMP: What did you do before you started designing jewelry?
TJ: I can't remember! That's how long its been!
SMP: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
TJ: Gosh, everywhere! From cinema to fairytales, nature, my fashion used to be in earlier years – the 20s & 30s right up until yesterday really. The inspiration behind the Petal Collection stems from a personal love of times past (vintage style) and romance itself... with a hint of dreaminess of course. Much of the collection is made up using Swarovski's new light coral colored pearls that are as soft & as sweet looking as flower petals. Mixed with sparkly little crystals, the pearls light up in the softest way, creating that romantic, dreamy look that Trink is so famous for.

SMP: Do you offer custom designs?
TJ: Yes, custom design is a major part of my business. Once a bride has found her dress I begin to work with her on her jewels and often hair accessories as well – I even offer custom design for bridesmaids (a common thank you gift from brides to their girls) to match the color theme of the wedding. Actually I'm excited to reveal that I have freshly developed a collection for bridesmaids called 'The Maidens' by Trink, just in time for the summer season!

SMP: What is your favorite piece?
TJ: I love to create headpieces. They add such a romantic look to a wedding. I am a hippie at heart so I'd have to say my crystal headbands & hair daisies.

SMP: What is your favorite part of a wedding?
TJ: Witnessing the love between two there anything more magical than that?


Photography: Larissa Lognay | Jewelry: Trink Jewelry | Hair + Makeup: Charlotte Marie Flannery | Braids: Sonia Dorda | Model: Anne from Dulcedo