Detroit Wedding from Julie Pepin Photography
May 1, 2013
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I've never had such an immediate adoration for wallpaper as I did when I started sifting through these images but seriously Detroit, you're bringing it with that wall decor. You know who else is bringing it? Julie Pepin Photography, that's who. Because tucked inside this day are portraits as timeless and gorgeous as they come. They are the kind of photographs that children and grandchildren are going to be coveting years from now. They are family heirlooms in the making and you can see them all right here.
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From the Bride...Right from the get go, Steve and I knew we wanted to get married downtown Detroit. The first few months were trying because we couldn't find the right venue in terms of size and price. We looked into every place that that had experience hosting weddings (museums, theaters, and clubs) but the cons outweighed the pros for most of them. when I was just about to give up hope and let my mom convince me to have a banquet hall (which isn't our style) our started researching places that aren't known for hosting spaces. I was reading up on the old buildings in the business the Dime, Guardian, and Penobscot. In my readings, I discovered that these places once had clubs and ballrooms in the upper levels. I contacted some building managers to see if such places still exist in these buildings...but many of them have gone through renovations and changes and have learned such spaces don't really exist within these buildings (very sad!) The Dime Building Manger gave my contact info to Yvonne, the manager at The Madison and she contacted me saying, Madison is finishing renovations. Once it was Detroit's 1st Film theater, and now it was being turned into a space and rooftop that can be rented for all kinds of events (quite the opposite most of these old buildings have gone through!) We were hesitant at first but when we saw the roof and view we were incredibly charmed. It was even better than what we envisioned. The reason we wanted Detroit was because our families are from there. Steve was born there, we went to school there, and some of are favorite places to be are there. We know the city has a certain stigma it can't shake off by some family and friends, but the Madison venue is in the heart of Campus Martius where some of that splendor still shines. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of what we wanted.

Favorite Moments... 1. When driving to the salon to get my makeup done, I had this epiphany that everyone we care about is in town ALL AT ONCE FOR US! I got overwhelmed and had to pullover. 2. My dad himself is a favorite moment all his own. Seeing him in that tux was amazing. My dad is a pretty casual guy and it was just cool to see him looking suave like that. He was totally out of his element but I could tell he was digging how he looked. His moves on the dance floor took me off guard and were unrivaled. Gerald the DJ was even impressed with my dad's crazy music knowledge. Even crazier is how current my dad's info is. He knew every pop and rap song that Gerald dished out when things were getting rowdy. 3. Seeing Steve on the roof for the first time. I can't really describe what I felt. But it was pretty darn magical and perfect.

Photographer: Julie Pepin Photography | Floral Design: Tim Grebik Jr, Arden Park Detroit | Catering: Golden Spice Catering | DJ: Gerald Roesser | Hotel: Book Westin Cadillac | Cake: Groom's Mother + Costco | Wedding Venue: The Madison | Wedding Dress: J.Crew | Shoes: BHLDN | Earrings: Fenton Fallon from J.Crew | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew | Groom + Groomsmen Suits: Vera Wang | Make Up: Rouge | Hair: Juaquin Cameron, Scissor Candy