St-Germain Signature Cocktail Inspired by a Seaside Affair
April 29, 2013
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We're back for the second stop on our cocktail adventure with St-Germain, who not only makes one of the most scrumptious liqueurs on the planet, but is now also crafting customized cocktails to fit your wedding day style. Which means they are taking the guess work out of the cocktail hour and leaving the fun part (all that beverage sipping) up to you and your happy, happy guests.
We've already delved into the yummy St-Germain world of wedding cocktails for a vintage glamor-inspired number, and now we're switching gears for a more nautical take on the signature cocktail. Our inspiration was found in the gorgeous affairs of the New England coast. It's a style that boasts navy and white stripes intermingling with nautical flavor and an overall sense of traditional prep. Now enter the Cherub's Cup, a beauty made for a day surrounded by sea and sun.
For our take on St-Germain's Cherub's Cup, we added berry garnishes and a fancy-schmancy champagne glass perfect for sipping. Now tell me this cocktail isn't a total beauty? And even better, it's mighty delicious.
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And what plays extra-nice with a nautical-infused cocktail like the Cherub's Cup? Why, a DIY Pennant Cocktail Menu of course. We have the lowdown on making your very own below. Happy crafting and even happier sipping! And for even more cocktail goodies, be sure to check out all the inspiration your beverage loving hearts can handle on St-Germain's  dedicated Pinterest board, here!

Vintage oar or paddle
Thick rope, about 12' long (we got ours at Home Depot)
White cotton canvas
Iron transfer paper
Ink jet printer
Beer menu template (you will need Adobe Illustrator CS6 to edit)
Wine menu template (you will need Adobe Illustrator CS6 to edit)
Cocktail menu template (you will need Adobe Illustrator CS6 to edit)
Baskerville font
Channel font

Step-1Download the menu templates, and edit them to include your menu items. Reverse the images.
Step-2Following the instructions on your iron transfer paper, print out the menus. Trim around the text and discard any excess iron transfer paper.
Step-3Iron the canvas fabric. Cut out (3) triangle pennants that are 12" along the top and 15" from the center of the top down to the triangle tip.
Step-4Place the menus face down, centered on the pennants, and iron on. Peel off the backing.
step-5Poke holes in the top corners of the pennants and tie them onto the center of the thick rope, using the twine.
Step-6Find a great spot on the wall behind your bar area. Hang the oar on a wall and wind the thick rope around it — voila!


Photography + Location: Heidi of White Loft Studio | Design + Styling: Style Me Pretty | Cocktail: St-Germain