Handmade Texas Wedding from McGowan Images
March 26, 2013
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I love a hand-crafted wedding, that's a given. And when I read that this sweet-as-can-be couple crafted + created every element of their I do's  in 28 days...well, let's just say I was smitten. With the help of family and friends, the bride and groom transformed their private creek venue into a hidden oasis and, lucky for us, it was all captured to perfection by McGowan Images. Take a peek at the full gallery right here. 
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From the Bride... So, I must first start off by saying that none of what you see here would exist without the help of our amazing friends, family, and photographers! I know everyone says this, but I truly mean it. See, we planned this wedding in a month, four weeks to be exact. Joey and I have always done things a tad bit different, so after changing the date several times, we finally decided to just stick with our 6 month anniversary which also happened to be 28 days away. Yep, that’s right…28 days! I was also in school full time and working a part time job, so it was just absolutely amazing when everything came together perfectly. To those who helped us out, I can never thank you enough! 

The overall theme of our wedding was meant to be an eclectic gathering of all things “Joey and Jordyn”; even our location had significance. The Creek was the land where Joey’s grandparents and mom grew up and coincidently it was also where we had our first date. It was the perfect spot for us and allowed for much creative freedom. Joey and I have always been collectors, pickers, and lovers of all things with history. It really only made sense that we include things that we had found together or items that had been passed down within our families in our wedding ceremony. Everything about our wedding was very personal and each little detail represented a part of who we were as individuals and as a whole.

To add to that concept, Joey and I made the decision to get ready together on our wedding day. We threw tradition out the window and decided to do what sounded best to us. Besides deciding to spend the rest of our lives together, choosing to be together on the morning of our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. It allowed us to focus on what was truly most important that day, each other. And to top if off, our photographers, Chelsea and Mack spent the morning with us capturing every moment we spent together. They also traveled along with us for the rest of the time before the ceremony, making sure to capture memories of us in our favorite places that meant so much to us. I can’t think of any better way we would have wanted to spend the hours before our wedding.

Another aspect, which made our wedding even more significant, is the fact that Joey and I fashioned our ideas and dreams with our own hands. With the help of family and friends, we cleared out the whole creek area, built our own archway, laid out the stones beneath it, covered and set up hay bales, arranged our décor, wrapped numerous flowers with burlap, hung mason jars with twine, and so much more. Our flowers were mums, purchased from Walmart and my bouquet was created by one of my best friends with baby’s breath from Central Market.

It’s amazing to me looking back on our wedding and realizing how “handmade” it was, how every tiny piece and process that took place is streaked with love and devotion from our closest family and friends. I would say that it turned out to be a gorgeous wedding, but what made it most beautiful to me was the significance within every portion of the event. It was the perfect manifestation of everything we were as a couple and everything we wanted in a ceremony, our pasts, histories, and families all colliding together to create a new chapter. 

Photography : McGowan Images | Wedding Venue: Private Residence in Wise County, Texas | Decor: DIY by the Bride + Groom | Wedding Dress: Free People