Signature Cocktails from St-Germain
March 25, 2013
St-Germain has long been a favorite of ours at SMP headquarters, and it has everything to do with its multitude of cocktail uses. Plus, have you seen that bottle? Gorgeous. And the flavor profile? Even better. It's the shining star of the bar cart, the go-to for scrumptious aperitifs and the no-brainer for signature cocktails. Which brings me to the latest and greatest news for all of you French liqueur fans: St-Germain is now offering completely customizable signature cocktails based on your wedding style. How's that for fabulous news? We are teaming up with St-Germain over the next few months to bring you four signature cocktail ideas based on different wedding styles. From romantic and vintage to nautical and modern, we'll be dishing out recipes AND creative display ideas as well.
Believe me when I say, until you've sipped on a St-Germain cocktail, your taste buds have not lived a full life. This artisanal French liqueur has taste notes of pear, citrus and tropical fruits, but is made from the freshest of fresh elderflower blossoms. This lighter, fresher flavor profile allows St-Germain to be mixed with just about any base spirit – champagne, gin, vodka, tequila, mezcal, whiskey, single malt scotch, and so on. And it also pairs extremely well with citrus juices. That gets a double yum!
With its unique provenance from a flower, St-Germain makes a great wedding or engagement cocktail. And personalizing it is so, so easy. Try pairing St-Germain cocktails with edible floral garnishes to match your wedding’s colors or bouquets. Or another idea, and maybe our favorite: freeze flower petals into ice cubes and serve for the ultimate in chic cocktailing. The sky is the limit, my friends. So raise those glasses, and prepare to make your cocktail hour shine with the help of St-Germain. We'll be unveiling all the signature drink goodies over the next few months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to visit the St-Germain Signature Cocktail board on our Pinterest page. It is offering up loads of creative drink ideas and we'll also be updating it with images from each shoot. Let the St-Germain adventure begin. Salute!

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