Ringwood, New Jersey Wedding from Bryce Covey Photography
March 25, 2013
Tri State
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Today is a celebration of all things Bryce Covey. An official "Day o' Bryce," if you will. And because pretty much anything he touches turns to gold, we've lined up a full day of features photographed by Bryce himself. Features so unbelievably pretty we decided they deserved a day all their own. To kick things off, we have a New Jersey affair of elegant perfection. It's a classic fairytale kind of fête that's just begging to be browsed in the full gallery here.
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From the bride...Courtney and Craig lived near each other in North Jersey, but were in completely different social circles and their paths did not cross for over 20 years! Facebook would later confirm in fact, they had no friends in common!  On Tuesday, January 29, 2008, Craig happened to be leaving the Cornerstone Inn in Hillsdale, NJ with friends. He held the door on his way out for two girls as they walked in. First her girl friend, and then Courtney walked through the door, and that was it! Craig was awestruck!  Shy, but determined, he decided to stay and speak with her. Craig walked up to her and put his foot in his mouth.  Courtney kindly removed his foot for him, was amazingly charming and encouraged him through a ten-minute conversation.  Not daring to push his luck, Craig said goodbye and left as more of her friends arrived, without asking for her number.

As Craig drove home, he thought about how wonderful this girl was and how he hoped he would see her again, so that next time he could ask her out.  He then realized the folly of this approach, what if he never saw her again! He was half-way home, he quickly turned around in the middle of the road and sped back, hoping he was not too late.  Arriving and running through the packed bar, he could not find her.  She must have gone!  He had lost his chance.                      

Just as he was walking towards the door to leave, Courtney tapped him on the shoulder, as she was walking by and said:  “Are you having a good time?”  Craig responded with "There you are!" They spoke briefly and Courtney returned to sit by the fireplace with some friends. While Courtney's girlfriends watched from the fireplace, Craig made three failed passes before he finally walked right up to Courtney and said, “Look, I think you’re beautiful and I’d like to get to know you better.  Would you get coffee with me sometime?”  Courtney smiled and agreed and gave him her phone number. Craig left, shouting and thumping the top of his car the entire car ride home. And the rest is history! 

Almost exactly four years later, on Saturday, January 21, 2012, Bridesmaid Theresa Staine  non-chalantly invited Courtney to go out with her to the Cornerstone Inn, while Craig was "at school doing Law Review work in New York."   Courtney arrived and as she is always cold! Sat at the same fireplace from four years before when Craig had asked her out. Then, Craig walked out of the shadows, knelt before Courtney and he said, “Look, I think you’re beautiful and I’d like to get to know you better,” he said. But this time he asked,  “Will you marry me?” You can guess what she said! And they lived happily ever after!

We are both romantics and fell in love with The Castle at Skyland Manor as soon as we saw it! We were so taken aback by the 200 acres of botanical gardens that we quickly agreed on an enchanted forest theme. We wanted all the details to feel whimsical with pastel flowers, butterflies and lush green ivy. The indoor/outdoor reception was adorned with ivy on railings and twinkling white lights. The centerpieces were a combination of trees with hanging votives and bushels of soft baby's breath.  We hung colored floating lanterns by a pond outside, which flickered in the night creating a romantic feeling. We also lined the stone walls of the castle with old fashioned lanterns and votives. The whole feeling was charming and magical. 

Wedding Photography: Bryce Covey Photography | Ceremony Venue: St Gabriel's The Archangel | Reception Venue: The Castle at The Skylands Manor | Wedding Planning: The Bride, Couture Weddings and Events | Floral Design: Anna Rose Floral Design | Wedding Cinematography: Videotech Studios | Band: Jerry Kravat, The "A" Band | Cake Design: Bride | Finger Print Tree: SpottedNest | Invitations: ExclusivelyWeddings.com | Guest Book: Etsy By BookOfShadowsStore | Wedding Dress: Casablanca | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Hair: Panico Salon | Makeup: Makeup Naturally | Bridesmaids Dresses: Dessy | Groomsmen's Attire: JOS A Bank | Favors: Donations to St Jude Childrens Research Hospital + March of Dimes | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab