Milwaukee Engagement Session from Heather Cook Elliott Photography
March 20, 2013
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Milwaukee is for lovers, at least this afternoon it is. Whether having a glass of wine, roaming the city streets or making sweet music together, this soon-to-be-wed duo is doing it in style and Heather Cook Elliott Photography was on hand to snap all those adorable moments. See the full spread right here.
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From Heather Cook Elliott Photography...Shauna and Matt are ideal clients for me – not because they are easy to work with (which they are) and not because they are gorgeous (again, they are) and not even because they know how to bring it accessory-wise (which they do, obviously.) They are ideal clients because, artistically speaking, they scare the bejezus out of me and I do awesome work when I’m outside my comfort zone. They are both graduate students in the arts, living and working in New York and when on our first skype meeting Matt gave me a welcome, well-analyzed, totally lucid and spot on crit of my work, I knew I wanted very badly to work with these two. But in all honesty I knew that from Shauna’s first email in which she described her wedding to be – at the family farm on a late summer night marked by a full moon, surrounded by 60 or so close friends and family.

In town for Thanksgiving, these two arrived at my studio and fell in love with the brick and timber loftiness of the place waxing poetic on what it would be like to live in a space like that back in NYC. So we played at house for awhile, Matt and Shauna doing the things they would do in their imagined loft – playing music, reading, laughing and thinking. I followed their conversation and their shy smiles in studio and out in the city, falling in love with their love along the way. I recently shot their Blue Moon wedding and I can't wait to share that, too!


Photography: Heather Cook Elliott Photography