Palm Springs Wedding from Viera Photographics
March 19, 2013
United States
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When Palm Springs cool is invaded by the British, and Viera Photographics is there with their well seasoned cameras, it's a good day. It's a super fun, dance in your seat, laugh with the adorable couple kind of day. My little blogger booty has been dancing away in my chair since I laid eyes on that gorgeous bride and it's boogying straight into the gallery for the kind of dance party that can only be brought on by a wedding so fantastic. Click here to join me!
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From the photographer ... Georgia and Drew's wedding was very unique with a combination of British invasion meets retro Palm Springs, and large balloons, a tandem bike, blowup pink flamingos, and a pineapple themed wedding cake. Since Georgia and Drew grew up in different countries (US and UK), it meant a lot to have friends and family fly across from all over the world to watch them exchange vows and celebrate together.

From the lovely bride ... The fact that it was the coming together of our most special people from the US and the UK and everyone has made amazing effort to travel for a small event is really mind blowing - so savoring that time together that might never happen again and make all the introductions seemed special.

The decor and materials are really all handmade by us or vintage - Eames chairs, watercolor signs, retro patterns for all the menus and programs, '50s postcard custom tote bags, personalized favor candy, etc.

The cake was not traditional - it was a giant pineapple as this was our motif on our invites, it historically represents Anglo-American friendship and hospitality, so it seemed apt.

Photography: Viera Photographics | Venue: The Cielo Estate | Hair and Make-up: Jamie-Lyn Anderson | Officiant: Minister Marie Burns Holzer | Catering: Soho Gourmet Tacos & Chef Tony Thomas | Cake: Roman Blas | Dress: Paula Stanton | Suit: MV10 in Seoul | Bowtie: Cor Sine Labe Doli in Firenze