Melbourne Engagement Session from Stewart Leishman Photography
March 18, 2013
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Love stories captured by Stewart Leishman Photography are most definitely on my list of favorite things. Because I know when I get a bundle of beautiful images he snapped up, I know I am going to be in for a treat of image after image of shear perfection. Which is precisely what I got with this gallery of gorgeousness. And trust me when I say you don't want to miss a single one. Catch them all right here.
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From the Bride... Cathy is Melbournian, King is Canadian, and they've been together on a three-year Long-Distance-Relationship ever since they met in Beijing. From worlds apart and through modern technology, stringing together experiences like Cathy & King's relationship is nothing short of marvellous. The pair first met at a Christmas party where they exchanged very little words. It wasn't until a year later at a church small group where they "officially" met. And not just their eyes, but hearts too. Their divine 'match-making' process took place during a small group activity of Rick Warren's 40 Days of Love, where King happened to pull out Cathy's name on his paper. The rule was, everyone had to practice a brotherly/sisterly act of care to whomever name they got. Three weeks of Skype chats later, say hello to a new couple in the group!

After 3 months of dating it was time for Cathy to return to Melbourne. Not wanting to let the epic moments go, they decided to embark on the unknown journey of Long-Distance-Relationship; by faith that if they were meant to be together, God would do miracles. It turned out to be the greatest risk with most fulfilling rewards they have ever experienced yet. Just two weeks before Christmas 2012, King flew to Melbourne with a mission that would bring them a huge step closer to their future together. He popped the question and of course she said "Yes". They are currently still in a long-distance but are planning their wedding for sometime mid-next-year.

Wedding Photography: Stewart Leishman Photography | Location: Point Addis in Melbourne, Australia | Bride's Attire: Angela Marcuccio Bridal Couture | Makeup: Elly Liana Make Up Artist