Bridal Accessories + An Interview with Fine & Fleurie
March 13, 2013
I have to be honest, I'd never really considered wearing a hair accessory at my own wedding. A simple veil or small fresh flower, yes, but I thought that anything else would be too much for me. That was until the moment I laid my eyes on the gorgeousness that is Fine & Fleurie! Jessica Gallo, owner + designer of F&F, lovingly hand crafts each piece with luxurious fabrics and materials resulting in feminine elegance and pure romance. So, cozy up for a sweet little interview with Jessica and browse the gallery full of pretty from Studio B Photography.
1. Tell us a bit about Fine & Fleurie. What exactly do you do? 

Fine & Fleurie is a line of handcrafted bridal accessories that is best known for our signature mini hats, headbands and veils. We have also branched out to provide fashion styling services to brides, bridal parties and photographers. I love working with clients to put together their special looks, and as a natural bargain-hunter and vintage-lover, there really isn't a more perfect job for me!
2. Where did your passion for bridal accessories stem from? 

I've always loved working on a small scale and I'm drawn to lovely tailored designs that are easy to wear and not too fussy. These characteristics have all deeply rooted themselves into my accessory designs. My feminine style and love for luxurious fabrics made the choice to design bridal pieces a natural progession. There is also something so satisfying about creating the "finishing touch" on a look. Accessories are the best way to make a look truly one's own.
3. What inspires the style and creation of your designs?

I'm most inspired by color and always feel amazed at how the hue and hand of a fabric can cause a flood of creativity. I also love fashion magazines and get inspired by interesting lines and textures in the artful clothing designs. Although these combinations don't always translate directly into bridal designs, it's a great way to spark some imagination. In the end I'm always the most mindful about the quality and wearability of my pieces, both of which are F&F hallmarks.
4. How do you recommend brides approach hairstyling when using an accessory? 

When deciding on a hairstyle (and an accessory!), I almost always suggest brides choose something that will let her feel like hersself, but a bit more polished. I also think that keeping the hair soft and natural makes for the most well-styled bride. Sweetly swept-up is a classic look that will always be "in".
5. What is your favorite Fine & Fleurie piece? 

My favorite pieces to create are most certainly the mini hats. There are so many possibilities for custom colors and styles, and they suit an updo so beautifully!
6. What is your absolute favorite part of a wedding? 

Well, my favorite part of a wedding is usually the father-daughter dance. It's such an emotional interaction and always feels like that pivotal moment when a bride realizes this is the start of a whole new chapter in life.
Thanks Jessica and congratulations on your recent Vow Renewal!


Fashion Accessories: Fine & Fleurie | Photography: Studio B Photography | Cinematography: The Reason