Baltimore Maryland Wedding from ReadyLuck
March 12, 2013
Mid Atlantic
We've seen weddings in some really unique places over the years. We continue to be amazed by the creativity of couples that discover such unexpected locations... and more importantly have the vision to see the potential for romance. Parking garages. Campgrounds. A metal and woodworking studio... Why not? Especially when the result is this good. Captured by storytellers extraordinaire, Readyluck we're kicking things off this morning with a serious dose of East Coast cool. Industrial chic is the new black my friends and you can see even more right here in the gallery.
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From the Bride... Rob and I were engaged in January, bought a new house in March, sold the old one in July, moved and began renovations in August, and were married in October. 2012 was a YEAR.

Because our lives were so hectic, our goal was to keep wedding planning as simple as possible. That became laughingly impossible as we realized how much actually goes into a wedding. As plans spiraled forward, our goal morphed pathetically into just not throwing in the towel and eloping. At the time, I was writing about weddings for the Baltimore Sun, and I still credit needing material for my posts as the reason we made it to the wedding.

Our wedding was at Gutierrez Studio in Baltimore, which used to be a foundry, and is now a working metal and wood shop. We'd been to the studio several times before and had always toyed with the idea of getting married there. A good friend of ours works at Gutierrez, and was instrumental in realizing our dream that the space could be both industrial and romantic. He floated gauzy white material and lights from the rafters which instantly created an intimate space. We chose soft pink linens and simple succulents from Ikea for our bistro tables (there were no assigned seats) to give a warm, earthy feel.

The ceremony itself was held outside. To cut costs, we only set up seating for our immediate family- everyone else stood. To keep them happy we served Natty Boh (Baltimore's signature swill) from buckets and kept the ceremony short. Our groomsmen wore grey suits and suspenders, and the bridesmaids picked whatever dresses they wanted in shades from off-white to light pink. I cannot stand too much matching, and giving them (mostly) free reign cut down on the stress of finding one magical dress that fit the bodies, styles, and budgets of the five women in my party. Best of all, most have actually re-worn their dresses, which I’ve always thought was a bridal urban myth.

After the ceremony, we all filed inside and feasted on both passed hors d'oeuvres, and later, a buffet. Our menu was eclectic and, thanks to our incredible caterer, delicious. The bistro table set-up was a success, as it saved us a lot of money, and also forced people to mingle. Many of our disparate friends and family finally got to know each other, which likely wouldn’t have happened had they been seated with people they already knew.

Our friend Adam DJ-ed for us, and most of the evening was spent on the dance floor. If you’re ever worried about people not dancing at a wedding, may I suggest inviting or borrowing a child? My nine year old brother is undoubtedly the best dancer in our family, and though there’s not a person in my life who won’t dance (wildly) in public, his enthusiasm added to ours. He also fueled some of the more memorable dance-offs, and absolutely left the floor reigning champion.

The night ended with all of our friends piling into cabs and meeting us at The Hippo- one of the gay bars in our beloved Mount Vernon neighborhood. Rob and I chose to donate to Question 6 (Maryland’s marriage equality bill) instead of handing out favors. Our wedding was exactly one month before the question was up for vote, and we hoped our contribution showed solidarity with our friends who (at that point) were not able to legally marry. I’m so happy and proud to say that in our state, equality prevailed, and no first month anniversary gift could top its passing.

I knew I would never be a bride who claimed her wedding was the best night of her life, but I will say it was one of the most fun. Everyone we know and love came out to celebrate with us, dance with us, and score a free meal and buzz from us. We’re forever grateful for all the help we had from our families and friends, and for the unbelievable service and kindness provided by our vendors.

Wedding Photography: Shane Carpenter of READYLUCK | Wedding Venue: Gutierrez Studio, Baltimore, Maryland | Floral Design: The Dutch Connection | Catering: Sascha's 527 Cafe, Baltimore, Maryland | Cake: Grauls Market | Wedding Dress: Bridals by Marissa via at Gamberdella in Towson, Maryland | Bride's Shoes: flats via Nordstrom + Chuck Taylors | Hair: Coco & Buff | Makeup: Jenn Weber | Photobooth: Craig Weiman at PhotoboothB