Asheville, North Carolina Wedding from Christine Andrews
February 28, 2013
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Never ever will I tire of soft pink and cream neutrals, paint-chipped chairs turned beautiful, and old wedding photographs clipped on a clothesline. Every image captured by Oh! Darling Photography and Sarah Der Photography portrays loving nods to the past while the happy couple have candid excited moments about their future. Bravo to Christine Andrews, who put this splendid day together so very perfectly. And you have to view the film by Heart to Heart Media, whose camera rolled as the bride and groom had their first look in an Alpaca field! And the fun doesn't stop there. Head on over to the gallery complete with sparklers and some furry friends!
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From the Bride... One particularly rainy morning the week before law school finals, I dragged myself out of bed and prepared myself for another long day at the library. As I made my way to my car, I saw a piece of paper on my window and quickly grabbed it as I jumped in to hide from the rain. It was a piece of folded notebook paper and, for some reason, only after I started reading did it occur to me that this was abnormal. But before I could think too long about the oddness of its appearance, the impossible happened. Well, the impossible for that study-filled, migraine-inducing, and rainy period of my life. I laughed. A boy had written me a note. A note saying that he had been meaning to say hi but hadn’t had the chance. A note saying that he would like to get to know me if I was willing. A note that changed my life because that boy is now my husband.

The biggest challenge I had in wedding planning was parsing through traditions. Decisiveness is not my strong suit, but I did know that I didn't want to get caught up with certain wedding hoopla just because it’s expected. I wanted that period of our lives to mean something to us rather than feel contrived. We chose Claxton Farm as our wedding venue, opted for a dessert table instead of a wedding cake, and skipped the flower throwing and garter performance. We hired venders we loved and let them do their thing with only slight guidance. The day flowed seamlessly (largely due to the skills of Christine Andrews) and was filled with love, laughter and happy moments.

The Christine Andrews... The wedding took place at an enchanting barn called Claxton Farms. It is perfectly nestled in the hills of Asheville, NC, "halfway" between the two's families- New York and Miami. When you are on the property, there are no signs of outside civilization- no rootfops, no roads, nothing but the hills of North Carolina and a couple of llamas that live on the property. It truly sets the tone for an intimate venue. Everyone that manages this facility (M7 Solutions) was a pleasure to work with.

The ceremony took place outside in the meadow. After the wedding party and groom proceeded to the altar, the bride exited from a draped barn door to meet her love to the sounds of a violin and viola. The altar was simple and exquisite, consisting of two wooden urns filled with flowers and green accents that complemented the landscape. The bride, groom and officient stood on a circle of white flower petals. The breathtaking views became the backdrop for the two's vows as the wedding parties casually stood to their sides. After the ceremony, guests were invited to have cocktails and appetizers on the barn patio while the wedding party took photos on the meadow. Guests sat on vintage patio furniture provided by the Darling Bee or stood around wine barrels used as cocktail tables as they caught up with friends and enjoyed the scenery. Guests grabbed their handmade table card amongst wedding photos of family members clothes-pinned to close-lines. They could sign the guest book, which actually consisted of three jars sitting on a vintage table. Each bottle had a tag tied to it with twine that read "1 year", "5 years", or "10 years", and each was accompanied by a notepad on a clipboard. Guests were encouraged to write notes and put them in these jars that the bride and groom will break open on the anniversary noted on the bottle. These bottles are on their bookshelf in Manhattan.

After dinner and first dances, guests were invited out to the patio for a series of other activities. They could either roast s'mores over a campfire, enjoy scotch and cigars, or eat dessert from the dessert table. Instead of doing a traditional wedding cake, the couple decided on a dessert table, which was designed and catered by Ruth & Ranshaw. It was beautiful. Using an old mattress spring, a picnic table from the property, antique inspired plates and trays, and books, it offered guests a smörgåsbord of options, including milk and cookies. One of the bridesmaids even brought treats from her company out of New York to add a little more love to the dessert table- No Bake Makery. As the night neared a close, guests were handed a handmade sparkler set that included a custom matchbook to use for the couples exit. Guests lined the path as the two ran down to their vintage 1948 Windsor Limousine provided by Elite- Limos and drove away. Truly a romantic end to a perfect evening.

Swirl1Wedding Photography: Oh! Darling Photography with Sarah Der Photography / Wedding Venue: Claxton Farms in Asheville, North Carolina / Wedding Planning + Design: Christine Andrews / Floral Design: The Bloom Room / Wedding Cinematography: Hart to Heart Media / Wedding Catering + Desserts: Ruth & Ranshaw + M7 Event Solutions & Catering / Bridesmaid's Treats: No Bake Makery / Rentals + Design: The Darling Bee / Transportation: The Elite Line / Wedding Dress: Lazaro / Hair: Beth Benischek / Makeup: Aimee Crepeau 
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