Papergoods by Momental Designs for Claire Pettibone
February 25, 2013
We have some time carved out today for a few hours of sheer beauty and that beauty goes by the name of Claire Pettibone; mastermind of some of the most glamorous gowns we've ever laid eyes on. For her latest collection, Claire teamed up with Kristy Rice, the artist behind Momental Designs for papergoods that fit right in with all those gorgeous gowns. Watercolor, gold foil, letterpress...these are just a few of the bits and pieces folded into this collection. So before we dive into the gowns, we thought we would get cozy with Kristy's artistry. Have a look at how Claire's dresses are transformed onto oh so pretty paper. Oh and there's even more right here in the full gallery. Sit tight and we'll be back in a bit with the runway show that followed these lovely paper details and a really great giveaway that's not to be missed!

From Kristy Rice of Momental Designs... Our collaboration began with simple brainstorming and experimentation. Claire sent over artist, Alma Tadema's imagery which highly inspired her runway show and collection overall. Words like blossoms, ribbons, wreaths…may day…ocean blue, coral, pink, lavender, sea green, Grecian goddess, stones, Swarovski crystals, strings of pearls, Gold leaf, olive leaves/branches, all were mentioned in initial discussions to give way to the coming design. Claire spoke in poetry in the early stages to describe a scene of inspiration: "A sapphire sea, white crested waves, a blue sky, sweet smelling flowers, and a girl dreaming of her lover…" Swatches of fabric from the collection were sent early on so I could translate the materials' nuance of color and texture into the artwork underway. A poem called Dedication by Algernon Charles Swinburne, 1865 became fodder for my initial sketches. Cherry Blossoms, Garden Roses, Olive Branches and Camellia blooms came to life in pencil along with sweeping swirls and carefully placed greenery.
The Runway Paperie collection included: Keepsake Poem Bookmarks, Runway Programs and Custom iPhone Cases. We chose a substantial pale blue Italian made watercolor stock to letterpress and gold foil the artwork developed. Maintaining the sketchy textures in printing was important and added yet another layer of beauty as the individual watercolor and ink washes were applied to the finished pieces. Each and every runway program was individually hand painted after letterpress and foil was complete. Sheer watercolor brushstrokes combined with opaque white inks and floated together in a curious mingle. No two were the same of course, but the finish lent an heirloom feel worthy of framing. Bookmarks were printed on the loveliest of soft pink cardstocks from Envelopments, named "Cameo". The stock's hint of shimmer took to the watercolor wash brushstrokes perfectly. Finished with a gold tassel, each was ready to mark the page of the recipient's prized novel!
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From Claire Pettibone... Growing up with artist parents, and surrounded my whole life with paint, turpentine and the creative process, I feel such a kindred spirit in Kristy. My medium is silk, lace and embroideries, while hers are watercolors, papers and gold leaf. It was so exciting to collaborate on this project, and see how Kristy interpreted my direction and inspiration to the page. The fact that each piece was individually hand painted blew me away!

Swirl1Design + Hand Painting: Kristy Rice of Momental Designs / Letterpress + Foil: Two Paperdolls