Claire Pettibone Earthly Paradise + Petal Garden GIVEAWAY!
February 25, 2013
We've delved into some of the inspiration behind the newest Claire Pettibone collection and a paper collaboration with Momental Designs. If you missed it, check out all the pretty details right here. And now, we are full steam ahead with all the gowns that make up the Earthly Paradise collection from Claire Pettibone. Every last piece is at it's core, incredibly whimsical. Glamour and whimsy go hand in hand which is what we've come to know and love about Claire's designs. The lace, the appliques, the perfectly perfect feminine details, see them all right here in the full gallery as well as in the runway film by Collective Edit below.
From Claire Pettibone... My collections begin with a collage of visual images, a mood, a song. This season’s theme began with the paintings of Victorian artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. He portrayed languid, almost goddess-like beauties in his work. When I look at these paintings and see the ocean in the distance, the wreaths in the hair, and a nonchalant, effortless beauty, I can literally feel the sun and smell the flowers on the breeze.
To convey this mood, we created our own “painting” for the backdrop canvas, and continued the illusion with the addition of more than 100,000 rose petals. Months before NY market, Petal Garden sent tons of silk colors to choose from, which I narrowed down to my final blend of 6. When the massive backdrop was unfurled and we began to scatter the petals the morning of the show, even I was amazed (and thrilled) with how perfectly the colors matched and created the illusion of the painting coming to life on the runway! 
Runway Show Inspiration... Sapphire sea, an endless blue sky, the scent of sweet flowers drifting on the breeze, and a girl dreaming of her lover… Dutch born Victorian artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema painted scenes of languid beauties reminiscent of Roman deities, but his subjects are unmistakably human. Caught in a moment of relaxation or idle daydream…we can almost feel the cool marble and the warm Mediterranean sunlight. Elements of precious embellishment, sun drenched color and effortless luxury set the stage for our modern goddesses.
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The Prize: Petal Garden has offered to share this paradise with one lucky winner who will receive 10,000 silk rose petals for her own Earthly Paradise wedding!

To Enter: Browse through the Claire Pettibone Earthly Paradise collection and leave a comment below with your favorite look! Example: I would die to don "Adagio" for my wedding day.

To Win: A winner chosen at random will be announced right here on SMP on Friday, March 1

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Terms & Conditions: Can all be found right here.  Good luck ladies! xoxo


Wedding Gowns + Floral Accessories: Claire Pettibone / Photography + Video: Collective Edit / Runway Petals: Petal Garden / Hair: Giselle Modeste for Ojon / Makeup: Romero Jennings for MAC