Tuscany, Italy Wedding from Studio Impressions Photography
February 20, 2013
I am not sure what could enhance a love story more than the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy; a place that holds family, love and wine to the utmost importance. It is clear from Studio Impressions' photographs that this day was no exception. I want so badly to close my eyes and be transported behind that birdcage veil so I can see this day through the bride's eyes. The delicate Claire Pettibone dress and the potted herbs as centerpieces has left me in complete 'Amore'. The gallery is beckoning...
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From the Bride... We met when I (Fiona) returned to London after living in Italy (Lucca) for 7 months.  I was looking for a new apartment to live in and was given Richie’s number to contact as he had a couple of properties for let in the building I was interested in.  While we met then, we were friends for a year before it moved into more serious stuff! While in Australia for my sister’s wedding, love was clearly in the air.  Richie received the parental approval (unbeknown to me), while there.  Clearly the excitement was too much to contain and he let some serious hints away in Sydney.  However, we returned to London and a couple of weeks later, the evening after my birthday Richie insisted on eating cupcakes before heading to one of our favourite restaurants in Primrose Hill (and where we had our first date).  Richie has a talent for being able to eat many things without dulling his hunger and has no issue of indulging in desert before dinner.  Not keen on wanting to ruin my appetite I reluctantly agreed to ‘share’ one of the cupcakes.  It was a cute little carrot cupcake all boxed up and as I pulled it out you could see a little pink box below it with a sparkly diamond ring inside.  Richie promptly dropped to one knee and officially asked the question.  Clearly, I said yes… and Richie ate the cupcake!           

We planned a relaxed rustic Italian wedding!  We wanted a big family holiday feel with a few days of events so everyone got to relax and get to know each other really well.  We had 35 odd people staying at the villa and farmhouses nearby and we had a pizza night with the wood fired oven at the villa to ensure all immediate family and bridal party were well acquainted.  (We had quite an international attendance too with people travelling from 10 different countries to be with us.) We then had apperitivo in a bar on the wall in Lucca (bar colombano) on the evening before the wedding with all the 90 odd guests.  We encouraged people to hire bikes and explore the amazing walled city of Lucca. 

The most memorable part of the day, apart from the getting married bit…was being in a spectacular setting, surrounded by so much love and support from those that are so important to us.  The relaxed, holiday feeling, the food, the wine and the dancing till 6 in the morning were all massive highlights!  It was so special that all our guests also seemed to be having the best time so energy was contageously bouncing around.  It was honestly a magical day wrapped up in a special week.  We never expected it to be quite so amazing and touching and will look back with the fondest memories forever.

Swirl1Wedding Photography: Studio Impressions Photography / Wedding Venue: Villa Catureglio, Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca) in Tuscany, Italy / Wedding Planning: Gio Daye of Accents Events / Floral Design: Barsanti Sabrina  / Wedding Catering: Il Fattore Party Ricevimenti / Officiant: Dr. Giovanni Landucci from the Comune of Borgo a Mozzano (assisted by Laura Gianonni) / On-Site Coordination + Legal Paperwork: Kate Warner of Villa Catureglio / Reception Decor + Styling: DIY by Bride + Friends / Stationery: Bride’s Mother / Music: Alma Project, DJ Emma Reason + Christos Siskas  / Transportation: Andrea and Katherine Paganelli / Wedding Dress: "Kristene" by Claire Pettibone via Blackburn Bridal / Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Bridal Hair Piece: Twigs and Honey / Bridesmaids' Attire: Made by Various Seamstresses in Brisbane, Melbourne + Abu Dhabi / Bridesmaids' Accessories: Various (Their Own) / Hair: Anita Hoade / Groom's Attire: Nick Tentis