Stockholm Engagement Session from Alicia Swedenborg
February 15, 2013
Classic Weddings
These two are soooo adorable.  And I mean adorable.  As in, they met in high school (playing soccer), had their first date at The Olive Garden (their parents drove them) and are planning a destination affair in Maine that is sure to be as sweet as they are.  And in the meantime?  Well, they traveled to Stockholm for some of the dreamiest engagement pics you'll ever lay your eyes upon.  Join me in the gallery for every love-filled moment captured by Alicia Swedenborg.  It's a cuteness overload.
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From the Bride... David and I met 10 years ago on the soccer fields of our high school. Our first Date was to Olive Garden and our parents drove us. Somehow, we stayed in love through high school, college, and becoming working adults. Many years later we got engaged in Charleston, which was a complete surprise for me. We had decided to get married on my parent's land in Maine, but we live in Atlanta, Georgia. Our photographer was too far to use for engagement photos, so we had decided not to take them at all. While planning a vacation in the fall before our wedding, I wanted to do travel through Scandinavia. My great grandparents were Swedish, so I wanted to go while my last name was still Ericson. Thanks to wedding blogs, I saw a photographer in Sweden that I really enjoyed, and decided we should contact her and see if she could take our engagement photos while we were there! What could seem more romantic than traveling through old cities with the love of your life? I thought the photos would not turn out well because I had no way to dry or curl my hair, we were up before the sun, and we had never met Alicia before. Luckily, they turned out great! We were thrilled with the photos and have filled up our home with these memories that she captured. What a beautiful place to make these memories.


Wedding Photography: Alicia Swedenborg / Photo Location: Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden / Bride's Attire: Anthropologie