Quirky + Cool Cook Islands
February 11, 2013
As the East Coast digs out from their recent snowy gift from Mother Nature, warm weather and sunshine is most certainly on all of our minds! Whether you're on the hunt for a destination wedding locale, a honeymoon retreat or simply a much-needed vacay, I've got the spot for you. Completely off the beaten path and incredibly unique, The Cook Islands are the perfect getaway for couples seeking a trip that is extraordinary. This incredible island oasis, nestled between Fiji and Tahiti, is quaint, quiet and completely quirky - a perfect combination of traits, if you ask me! Visitors are greeted upon their arrival by Papa Jake, a local legend, who serenades island guests with his ukulele! Now how's that for charming?! There are no traffic lights or chain hotels on the Cook Islands, and there's only one road on the main island of Rarotonga! Completely secluded and incredibly romantic, a Cook Islands vacation is unlike anything else in the world!
Vacationing in the Cook Islands is like visiting your own private retreat. The low-key locale does not allow any building to be built taller than the tallest palm tree on the islands, which keeps the scenery stunning! Motor scooters are the most popular way to get around and visit local markets where you can find local treasures and handcrafted jewelry! Not feeling adventurous? The pristine beaches and gorgeous blue water make it easy to soak up the sun and lounge! There is literally something for everyone in the Cook Islands.
Whether you're looking for adventure of straight-up relaxation, the secluded Cook Islands offer a sanctuary away from the stress of everyday life! The gorgeous location gives couples an opportunity to create the vacation they've been dreaming of! So go ahead, book your tickets. I'll meet you there, lovelies! xo