Wedding Organizers from Russell + Hazel and a Giveaway!
January 31, 2013
We're stepping away from the wedding inspiration for just a wee minute. But fear not, that minute is sure to make those days of planning in your future so much easier. Brides-to-be, meet your new best friend: The Wedding Organizer from Russell + Hazel, or as we like to call her, Ms. Fabulous. She's pink, polka dotted and promises to be command central while planning your route to "I Do".


If there is one piece of advice all of us married ladies can offer up it's...wait for it...Organization is the key to staying sane. There are so many vendors to meet with, addresses to gather up for invitations, fittings to attend, not to mention the parties leading up to the Big One and with all of this comes to-do lists a plenty. Now enter Russell + Hazel and their pretty yet totally functional approach to organizing. Here's a little look at what's inside each of these beauties:


Best part you ask? All of that goodness is totally customizable to your every Bridal need. Whether you're a Destination Bride and want to create a tab just for accommodations or a shoe lover with a section devoted to your latest Bridal shoe lusting, it's all there ready for you to craft. And Russell + Hazel even has a whole slue of downloadable worksheets ripe for the picking. We call that a win win.

If you're ready to jump on the Organization Train, you're in luck. Russell + Hazel has a spiffy little giveaway with not one, not two, but THREE winners. Read below for all the details. xoxo

Prize: Three lucky winners will receive a Russel + Hazel Wedding Organizer (valued at $78 each)

To Enter: Leave a comment below with your favorite must have accessory from the Russell + Hazel wedding line. Example: I die for that gorgeous Embosser! or I'm a pink polka dot Organizer lover through and through!

To Win: Three winners will be chosen at random and announced right here on SMP on Friday, February 1st. Tomorrow!

Terms + Conditions: Click here.