Honeymoon Registries by Traveler's Joy and a GIVEAWAY!
January 26, 2013
After the "I Do's", after dancing the night away and nibbling that last bit of wedding cake comes one of our most favorite parts of getting married. Let's say it all together now...the HONEYMOON! If you're anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of jetting off to that romantic locale with your sweetie from the very second you were engaged and thanks to Traveler’s Joy, that European vacation is well within your reach. Paris, Rome, Milos? You decide.


Traveler’s Joy takes all of the stress out of registering for your honeymoon by not only allowing you to complete your registry in mere MINUTES, but by giving you expert advice along the way. Yep, you heard that right – the amazing Honeymoon Tipster service will guide you in selecting the best places to eat, to stay and even fun activities! Just choose from one of the 40 Traveler’s Joy honeymoon destinations and a team of freelance travel writers will be there to offer 100% unbiased advice on some of your best options – and all based on a brief questionnaire and some follow-up phone calls. Brilliant, no?!? And did I mention that you can register for those much-needed honeymoon accessories, such as guide books, luggage and snorkeling gear?!? And because a Traveler’s Joy registry allows you to split the cost of those oh-so-fabulous items, it’s also convenient and cost-effective for your guests to use!


From airfare, to a dinner in the City of Light and all of the champagne sipping in between, Traveler’s Joy will have you registered for complete honeymoon bliss with just a few easy steps. And just when you thought we were finished gushing over the coolness that is Traveler's Joy, we have one more amazing detail share. They are graciously gifting one lucky couple $5,000 towards a honeymoon (or a first anniversary trip!) of their dreams. To Enter, simply sign up with Traveler's Joy between January 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013 and one lucky couple will be notified May 8, 2013. Grab all the juicy details right here. Happy honeymooning!