Heirloom Magazine + A Discount
January 22, 2013
It truly amazes me how a wedding was ever planned before the world of inspiration blogs, Pinterest and digital mags. How did a bride even begin to scrape the surface of color palettes, DIY project ideas + vendor recommendations? But now, with publications like Heirloom Magazine, brides + grooms can piece together all of the little details that make a wedding personal, unique + truly beautiful. Created in April of 2012 by Tammy Lyon, Jeanie Ow and Kailey Michelle Veenstra, this online-based magazine began as a vehicle to bring vintage-foucused local inspiration to the Vancouver wedding market. Since its first issue filled with expert tips from real-married couples, interviews and editorial spreads went live, Heirloom Magazine has become a staple in planning a vintage-inspired wedding.
From the ladies at Heirloom Magazine, "Vintage is an aura; one of charm, nostalgia and complex character. It's a doorway to one's heart. Here are Heirloom Magazine, we are dedicated to the vintage bride who dares to dream her wildest dreams and present her ideas that are out of the box. We devote our attention to the use of texture, colour and props that represent all that is within and around the couple on their special day."

Heirloom Editorial from Fill in The Blank Studios on Vimeo.

With over 600 likes on Facebook, readers in 20+ countries and a growing staff, Heirloom Magazine is changing the way readers like you SMP lovelies plan a wedding. And as a special offer, they are offering a 10% coupon to advertisers on a full-page ad in the Winter Issue #2. This coupon is only valid via the featured post on SMP with code 10%SMPHeirloom and all vendors must contact advertise@heirloommagazine.com with the coupon code in their subject line.

With such gorgeous content, fabulous advice and amazing imagery, I'm sure Heirloom Magazine will be a staple in your future inspiration gathering. Happy planning, lovelies! xo