NYC Engagement Session from Alea Lovely
January 21, 2013
Tri State
When you work at SMP, falling in love with Alea Lovely and her brilliant work just comes with the territory.  Like peanut butter and jelly, Bogie and Bacall and cookies and milk, it's just meant to be.  So, when Alea sent this breathtaking engagement session our way, we knew we were in for something special.  Something that not only takes your breath away, but leaves you feeling downright happy and simply immersed in the beauty of NYC.  We were right.  And it's everything (and more) we thought it would be.  See so much more of this gorgeous couple in the full gallery.
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From Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography... This was a lovely New York City engagement. Suzanna and James just got engaged a few months ago and are planning their wedding for 2013. It was beautiful in the fall for New York and we shot in Central Park, on the Brooklyn bridge and Times Square.


Photography: Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography / Location: New York, New York