Vintage German Spinnery Wedding from Forever Photography
January 18, 2013
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It gets me every time, but really, is there anything more romantic that tying the knot with your love in a spot so special to your childhood? These two lovebirds said "I do" near the German woods where the bride and her siblings once played for hours on end. The wedding, sentimental from the start, was put together by hand (and a whole lot of love) by the bride and her loved ones and the result was something magical. Forever Photographer was lucky enough to capture the magic, and we are even luckier, because we have a full image gallery to peruse all afternoon long.
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From Forever Photography ... The very first time Sabine and Stephan met was not exactly the most glamorous of dates. A group of friends went skiing / snowboarding in an indoor ski hall. Sabine grew up on skis and was very good while Stephan tried snowboarding for the first time. In Sabine’s eyes, he behaved and looked pretty ridiculous and she was everything else but interested. But their paths were to cross again at several events and parties and despite the initial “ski date,” they fell in love and became truly the perfect match.

After ten happy years on, Stephan proposed to Sabine on their perfect getaway trip to New Zealand. A little secluded spot on New Zealand’s West Coast with an epic view of the roaring sea and a rocky beach, was the most magical place he could have ever picked. (Besides the fact that his bride was glamorously dressed up in track pants and pink knee socks with polka dots to keep warm on a cold day).What better start to their “happily ever after.”

Back home, they started planning their “happily ever after.” From the very beginning they were set on a unique wedding with a whimsical touch incorporating family and friends. The decision was to not rent “just any place” or to hire a wedding planner, but to do everything on their own. So, on they went.

Close to Sabine’s parent’s place, in a magically hidden location in the woods, deep in a valley, where Sabine used to play with her brother Ingmar and sister Kristin, is a vintage spinnery. The location is normally not for rent, but the owners of the spinnery knowing their special story, gave Sabine and Stephan the chance to have their wedding there.

With the help of their families and friends, the wedding turned out perfectly. All of the little details and decoration in brown and turquoise, with little lovebirds flying around, were crafted by Sabine, her sister Kristin and her friends. The stationery and flowers were created by close friends, the singer in church was Sabine’s best friend from kindergarten, and the bar was built by Stephan and his guys. Every single detail had a personal touch and a meaningful story behind it.

Knowing Jona and Jerry from Sabine’s sister’s wedding in Texas, it was an easy decision to fly in Forever Photography to once again capture in dazzling images the magic and love these two hold for each other. It was the greatest day they could have ever imagined. It was special, unique, beautiful and had the magical soul of love and friendship. They also “partied ‘till the cows came home” with a beaming smile on their faces which is to last a lifetime.


Photography: Forever Photography / Floral Designer: Mareike Stöhr, Blumenhaus Stöhr, Leer / Invitation Designer: Stefanie Ullmann, SU-Design, Langenfeld Deutschland / Wedding Gown Designer: Cymbeline, Fado / Shoes: Rachel Simpson, Modell Fleur & turquoise Converse Chucks / Location: SinnesWalds