Solage Calistoga Wedding from Alfred & Emma Photography
January 18, 2013
United States
Solage Calistoga just may be my favorite place in the world... and I've never even visited.  I know, I know, it's most definitely on my "must see soon" list, but in the meantime, I can live vicariously through this gorgeous couple and their stop you in your tracks wedding captured beautifully by Alfred & Emma Photography.  A wedding, I might add, that was completely inspired by cake.  Yes, cake.  That yummy baked good you can never get enough of that also happens to be this gorgeous bride's favorite treat.  (I am SOOO with her.)  Along with her dapper Mr., she turned her Big Day into a "Cake Overload + Dance Party" and it's like the coolest thing I've ever seen.  Literally.  Check it out in the full gallery.
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From the Bride... Anyone who has known me for more than half an hour, or has simply Googled my name, knows that I love cake. I really really do. Psychologically, there’s probably some sort of association with the idea of celebrating, parties, and gathering friends together, because you don’t ever really eat cake by yourself. Okay, I’m not saying it hasn’t ever happened, but in general: Cake = good times with good friends.

And what better time is there to celebrate than a wedding? That is precisely why Jason and I wanted our wedding reception to basically be Cake Overload + Dance Party. Jason and I had gone to a wedding several years ago, and they served the same chocolate-buttercream cake on every table, which was an AWESOME idea because: First, you got an awesome centerpiece right there. Second, you ensure that everyone gets their cake in a timely manner. Third, you can accommodate people who have dietary restrictions (I’m allergic to certain kinds of berries, and I have a lot of friends who are gluten-free, so I know how important this is.) Fourth, if you go for just your basic, bakery standard decorations, even from an upscale bakery, your total cake costs are going to be wayyy down.

Jay and I loved this idea, but we took it one step further. Since there are so many types of incredible cake in the world, why just have one at the wedding? We decided every table at our wedding should be named after each of the different cake flavors.


Wedding Photography: Alfred & Emma Photography / Wedding Venue: Solage Calistoga in Calistoga, California / Wedding Coordination: Alycia Krause / Floral Design: La Fleuriste / Officiant: Clark Abbott / Wedding Cakes: Sweetie Pies / Wedding Invitations + Signage: Kate VandenBerghe of Make/Do Paper Goods (The Bride) / Ceremony Music: An Elegant Touch of Strings / DJ: Donny Yeh / Guest Book: Stephanie Laursen / Farm Tables + Linens: Hartmann Studios / Wedding Dress: Pronovias "Alma" / Makeup: Lindsay Skog of Professional Makeup Artistry