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Pressed Cotton Shoot from Millie Holloman + Jennifer Rose + Brent Holloman
January 17, 2013
Before I even begin to gush about the gorgeous sitting in this post, I simply must give you a little back story on how it came to be. You see, all the steal-worthy styling fluttering around these lovely images is the result of the oh-so-beautiful brainchild of three talented artists - Mille Holloman of Millie Holloman Photography, Jennifer Rose of Salt Harbor Designs and Brent Holloman of Brent Holloman Designs. That brainchild is none other than Pressed Cotton. And it's basically wedding styling heaven. It houses all the creative elements to make any gathering jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and this pretty little shoot? It's the perfect example.
Are you completely head over heels in love yet? Well we most certainly are, and think this idea of their's is simply genius. One stop style shopping is always a good idea in our book, and now Brides have all the pretty at their fingertips. Literally every.single.thing you need to make your day YOU is sitting pretty at Pressed Cotton just waiting to make your wedding an all around beautifully branded day. And it's all thanks to the beyond talented Millie Holloman Photography,  Salt Harbor Designs and Brent Holloman Designs. Ladies and gent, we thank you.
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Pressed Cotton is the brainchild of several artists who have been involved in the wedding and event industry for years. Jennifer Rose of Salt Harbor Designs and Millie Holloman of Millie Holloman Photography met working on events in Wilmington, NC and have been joining creative forces ever since. Last year they decided to collaborate on Pressed Cotton, an online store containing "goods for gatherings," and brought in Brent Holloman of Brent Holloman Designs to handle graphic design, branding, and website design.

Pressed Cotton is a source for brides, planners, and anyone who loves paper, fabric, texture, color and above all, well-styled events. It is the belief of all involved that a wedding or party is defined by its atmosphere, and the atmosphere is created by the details. The greatest hostess is one who considers each detail and thoughtfully arranges them with her guests in mind. The creators of Pressed Cotton also believe that when choosing the goods for a wedding, a bride should consider them also for her home. If the right items are chosen, they can be beautifully repurposed for her home. The online store is not only a place where one can find the perfect accents for a perfect gathering, but it is also a source for creative ideas to use these same accents in the home. The website includes hand-picked interesting objects, custom designed paper, hand-made pillows and textiles, and unique tabletop materials. The result is collection of goods from around the world, local finds, and products created and designed by Pressed Cotton that are relevant for the both the wedding and the home.

The online store just launched last week, but the company is working on many new projects, including a blog with various uses and ideas for the products and a line of unique and custom wedding favors. The website has been organized in two ways and can be searched both by style and category. The designers have grouped the products together in different styles and photographed them in use, providing brides with a host of ideas. For those who prefer to shop by category, ring bearer pillows can be found tucked in For The Ceremony and table numbers in Find Your Seat. Hand-sewn and designed pillows can be found in Signs and Sayings. No matter which way the site is browsed, the shopper is sure to enjoy exploring the inventory.


Photography, Marketing + Business Guru: Millie Holloman Photography / Design, Styling, + Product Development: Jennifer Rose of Salt Harbor Designs / Graphic Design, Branding, + Product Development: Brent Holloman of Brent Holloman Designs