L’Auberge Del Mar Wedding from We Heart Photography
January 17, 2013
Del Mar
My very own big day was a seaside soiree of sorts, so I feel like I'm kindred spirits with any Bride that describes her day as beach chic. The sweet salt air and oceans views always provide unbeatable ambience, but the style sitting in all the images from We Heart Photography? That style is all this couple's. And it's seriously lovely. It's a soiree where succulents and shorelines are besties, and a once high school romance becomes happily ever after...and it's all waiting for you in the full gallery of images.
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From the Bride... Todd and I met our senior year of high school in English class, and we instantly had a connection (and he was the first boy I ever kissed … yes, as a 17-year-old the day before we took the SAT). We dated all throughout senior year, went to formal/proms together and broke up when we went to college but still always knew there was a connection. We officially got back together in early 2009, when Todd called me from NY to tell me he felt we still had something and wanted to give it another try. Our relationship started and grew around the beach in Del Mar so it was an easy call when deciding where to get married. Del Mar is obviously known for its amazing beach, and since we had so many people coming from out of town, we wanted them to get to experience the best part of San Diego. We called it "Beach Chic."

Because our location itself was special to us, we also had our table names reflect the same sentiment. Each table name was a location that we spent time at together and feel was significant to us. For example, Torrey Pines High School where we met, Rancho Santa Fe where our families lived when we were in high school, Pipes Café where we'd go to breakfast throughout college and catch up, Board & Brew where we'd go to lunch during our free fifth period our senior year, etc. We also had succulent plants as favors. They're a beach plant, and we wanted to give everyone something that they would keep for a while and hopefully remember one day "yeah, we got this awesome plant from Todd and Kimeya's wedding." We used them both as favors and an element to the seating assignment/food choice. Each succulent had a little flag in them that had the guest's name and a symbol for their food choice on one side, with their table name on the back.

Our favorite moment was definitely the ceremony. It was a surreal and overwhelming feeling to have all our friends and family there to watch us promise to be with each other through good times and bad. It was emotional, happy, sad, and just very memorable. Not to mention there was a huge sigh of relief once we were done with it. My wedding advice is to not forget that being engaged and getting married isn't a show – it's one of the biggest things you'll ever do with the most important person in the world. Stay away from trendy things because you'll look back in 10 years and think, "Ugh, why did we do that weird thing at our ceremony?" Make sure it's classic and it reflects both people. Piggy backing off the first point: while it's one of the biggest days in your life, never lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day, it's a party. The shade of napkin you choose will not make or break anyone's experience at your wedding.


Wedding Photography: We Heart Photography / Wedding Venue + Catering: L’Auberge Del Mar in Del Mar, California / Floral Design: Flowers Annette Gomez / Wedding Cake: VG Donut & Bakery / Entertainment: Wayne Foster Music & Entertainment / Wedding Dress: Vera Wang / Hair + Makeup: Paula Mayer / Men’s Formalwear: Valentino