Upstate New York Farm Wedding from Tracey Buyce Photography
January 3, 2013
Tri State
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The tale of two screenwriters falling in love and then tying the knot on a family farm? It sounds magical before you even get to take a look at all the imagery below. But one little peek at the pretty captured by Tracey Buyce Photography, and I can guarantee you'll be obsessed with their rustic farm wedding. It has all the fixings for one amazing full gallery, with a rooster or two thrown in for good measure. Farm chic simply just doesn't get better. See it all here!
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From the Bride... We are both screenwriters. I started as a playwright and Zack comes from a family of writers, three generations of TV writers. Zack and I met writing on a show called “Rubicon” on AMC. It lasted one season, but obviously some exciting stuff came out of it. Our officiant, Richard Robbins, was also a writer on the show. Zack, who is very quiet, used to come and stand in the doorway to my office for long periods of time and I would be like, “Yes?” and he would have nothing. When we finally confessed our feelings to one another, it was electric.

I came home from a meeting on the Friday of July 4th weekend and the minute I walked in the door, Zack announced that he needed Pinkberry. It was weird how badly he seemed to need it. I mean, I like Pinkberry as much as the next girl, but it was like he would die if he didn’t have it. We hopped in the car and drove for about 45 minutes in holiday weekend traffic before I said something like, “Where is this Pinkberry?” At that moment, it became clear that we weren’t getting yogurt but he wouldn’t tell me where we were going or why. I started to get suspicious when I tried to touch his leg (apparently the ring was in his pocket) and he shuddered away. He barely spoke to me during the entire three hour drive up the coast. And when he looked at me he started smiling and laughing. His poker face is terrible. He took me to a resort in Santa Barbara and proposed the minute we got into the room. The next day, two of our best friends showed up at the restaurant where we were eating breakfast – he had planned it with them in advance – and we spent the rest of the weekend together celebrating.

I think the theme was Rustic Vintage Farm Chic. We wanted simple elegance and above all, fun. We wanted our friends and family to feel like they were having a family dinner at our home. We got married at Zack’s family’s farmhouse in Upstate New York. I have always wanted to get married on a hill or in a field. My grandparents have a farmhouse in Vermont and I have spent many a summer and Christmas around that place, climbing trees, sledding, building forts. I always thought I would get married there. When it came time to really think about details, it became clear that the remoteness of our family’s home in Vermont would make it difficult to travel to and accommodate the large crowd we were looking at. Zack’s family home is a parallel magical place, it’s a beautiful house on almost a hundred acres of land and Zack’s oldest brother, Sam, and his girlfriend, Jane, live there. I had never been before we were engaged but the minute we visited, we knew it was the perfect place to get married. Sam and Jane did so much in the year before our wedding to get the place ready for almost 250 guests, and then the week before the wedding a huge group of us – friends and family – pulled together and finished off the details. My mom, Zack’s mom, and Jane planted hundreds of flowers all around the property. Sam and a group of guys built a stone walkway leading to the house. Zack and his brother, Jed, bushwhacked and hauled trash and built paths. My sister-in-law, Maurissa, assembled welcome bags. My brother and my dad built wood bars. It felt like an old-fashioned barn raising. Zack and I have never felt so loved in our lives.

Wedding Photography: Tracey Buyce Photography / Wedding Venue: Groom's Family Farmhouse in Cobleskill, New York / Wedding Planning: Christine Wheat Special Events Firm / Floral Design: Renaissance Floral Design / Wedding Catering: Mansion Catering / Rehearsal Dinner: Howe’s Caverns / Accommodations: Best Western Inn of Cobleskill / Wedding Stationery: Urbanic Paper Boutique / Rentals + Tent: Clifton Park Rental Center / Welcome Bags: Made by Bride's Mother / Wedding Dress: Christos via Saks Fifth Avenue / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Anthropologie / Makeup: Amy Elizabeth Makeup Designs / Groom's Suit: Klein Epstein & Parker