Dallas Engagement Session from Jessica Garmon
January 3, 2013
Cupid can work in mysterious ways.  Like introducing two meant-to-be sweethearts when the timing isn't quite right, only to pair them up later as passengers on an airline.  Some may call it coincidence, but I am guessing this adorable duo most definitely calls it fate.  (I agree.)  And their too cute for words engagement session captured by Jessica Garmon?  As charming as their love story.  Click here for all of the pretty.
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From Jessica Garmon... Josh and Laura's story is the stuff of romantic movies. They met at a party. He was alone, and she was with someone else. They hit it off, made impressions on each other, and when the night ended, they went their separate ways. He remembered her, and she remembered him, but they continued living separate lives. Time passed... One day Josh boarded a flight for a work trip, and lo and behold, Laura was the passenger sitting next to him. Sparks flew, glances were exchanged, and Josh learned that she was also single this time around. They've been inseparable since. It's safe to say that it didn't take long for them to realize they had each met their "penguin." The chemistry, tenderness and commitment is palpable when you're around them. One of they're favorite things to do it act out funny little scenes from movies so you're always hearing a funny voice and laughter. This love is true and infectious! There was no better way to capture this sweet pair than on film, and after getting the photographs back I couldn't have been happier. I cannot wait until their vineyard Texas wedding!


Photography: Jessica Garmon / Location: Dallas, Texas