Rainy Chicago Engagement Session from Allori Photography
December 17, 2012

I'm just going to go ahead and say it - I love this couple. Big time. They are obviously adorable, but it's their let's dance in the rain attitude that is making me grin from ear to ear this morning. I mean, how fabulous do they look even after soaked to the bone?  It's a gallery full of happy from Allori Photography, and one you most certainly should check out. See it here.

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From the Bride... Although many people have the ability to work in the city they grew up in, we unfortunately do not. Our decision to become United States Border Patrol agents has taken us to the southern, desert region of California. As much as we have grown to love California and have made it our adopted home, it can never replace the love and memories of Chicago we created and shared together. California’s majestic views of the ocean, beach, mountains, and desert would have created beautiful backgrounds for any engagement session, but they represent new memories and not the old ones that reflect times we played, laughed, enjoyed and ran around the city. Whether we had somewhere to go or no time at all, we would hop on the Orange Line in the “L” system or grab our car and escape into the city. Nighttime or daytime, the city’s old and new creations — skyscrapers, Millennium Park, Grant Park, and Navy Pier — always instilled new life into us. We do not have the ability to enjoy Chicago as we once did, but our engagement session allowed us to once again to partake in a city we truly miss and cherish. We thank Eric for creating new memories and photos that we can add to what we already have from the early days and years of our relationship.

Photography: Allori Photography / Location: Chicago, Illinois