Gorgeous Holiday Prints from Kari Herer Photography
December 14, 2012
By: Fallon
Growing up, our moms had the whole holiday decoration thing down. Come Thanksgiving, the tree would go up with ornaments galore, the intricate needlepoint pillows came out, and the crystal bowls were filled with pine potpourri... Little did we realize that this effort was years in the making! As you may have realized, building a holiday decoration arsenal from scratch can be slightly daunting. This is why we love photographer Kari Herer's new holiday series. The prints, both beautiful and affordable, are super easy to frame. Additionally, they'd make amazing gifts for friends, hostesses and SMP employees. To say that we'd be psyched to receive one of these lovlies is a total understatement!
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Given that Kari grew up with an artist mother and a biologist father who moonlighted as a hunter and taxidermist, her breadth of work makes complete sense. Creating and exploring are in her genes. This is why we're such big fans of her work, holiday or otherwise. The Etsy phnom notes when designing this series, she placed florals picked from the Boston flower market on top of hand-sketched antlers inspired by a pair given to her by her father. We love when pieces of art are as crowd-pleasing as they are personal! Is it crazy to think that the emotion and thought behind of this series speaks volumes? We think not!

Photography and Styling by Kari Herer