Rockford Engagement Session from Lauren Guilford Photography
December 3, 2012

Apple orchards were made for engagement sessions.  Well, technically they were made for growing apples, but they also happen to be the perfect place to capture that pre-wedding glow.  Take for example this seriously stunning Rockford shoot, which features acres upon acres of stunning apple trees, plus two sweethearts that couldn't be more in love.  It's a light-filled love fest all captured beautifully by Lauren Guilford Photography and we are seriously smitten with every last moment.  Click here for more.

Click here for the FULL engagement session!

From Lauren Guilford Photography... This couple met in Chicago and briefly dated (as in two or three dates). Because Brian was living in Wisconsin and Elisabeth had to go back to California to finish up her last semester in college, they didn't get to spend too much time together. But even after just a couple of in-person dates and chatting over the phone, they were head over heels for each other and were determined to make it work. They Skyped as much as they could and spent many hours on the phone. When Elisabeth was done with  school in December, she moved back to Chicago but they still had the distance of six hours, so they split their time visiting each other (Chicago and Madison). When they took a trip to NYC in June, Brian proposed in Central Park.

When it came time for their engagement pictures, they knew they needed to include both a city/urban feel, as well as a natural landscape to portray their relationship best. They both have love for literature and music, so those were must have elements as well! These images were taken in the downtown area of Rockford, Illinois and a local apple orchard. It was such a fun shoot and really spoke of how their love grew into what it is today.

All of these images are film — Elisabeth is a photographer as well who just ADORES light, and we both felt that film would best capture the soul of their relationship and the light we chose to work with!

Photography: Lauren Guilford Photography (Based in California) / Location: Rockford, Illinois