Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm Engagement from Blueberry Photography
December 3, 2012
United States
Winter Weddings
This next little engagement session has me so incredibly giddy, because I may or may not get a little excited around the most wonderful time of the year. Just a little (ok, a lot). So this next shoot at Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm from Blueberry Photography of the couple's annual Christmas tree hunt has me smiling from ear to ear. How could I not? It's as cute as they come, and you can see it all right here.

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From the Bride... I was never a particular fan of engagement shoots. It wasn't that I hadn't seen gorgeous photos of beautiful couples, it was that the majority of settings/locations just didn't speak to me. I'm a laid-back person who's authentic to a fault, and I had a hard time thinking of engagement session ideas that truly represented my actual life. I knew that an engagement shoot was a great way for the photographer and the couple to really get to know other, but I still had my doubts. However, my fiance (now husband) had a moment of genius when he suggested our photographer (Amanda of Blueberry Photography) just capture us on our annual Christmas tree hunt. I was ecstatic! This could be a way to have engagement pictures taken in the context of a tradition we already had!

I have never had an artificial Christmas tree in my life. I wouldn't know a Christmas without the watering of the Christmas tree, fighting with the stand and the inevitable falling of needles as the season ends. When my fiance and I moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles, I was very pleased to know that there was an actual farm about 40 minutes away from where we live in Berkeley. Finding, cutting and hauling our own tree has become another aspect of my live Christmas tree obsession. Amanda was new to the "cutting down your own Christmas tree" thing, and it was so much fun exposing her to a new experience. She also has an amazing and hilarious personality, which added to the fun of the day.

I don't really view these pictures as "engagement pictures." I see them as photographic representation of the life we actually live. They remind me of a tradition that my husband and I share and will continue until we are too old for the physical labor of it.

Photography: Amanda of Blueberry Photography / Location: Castro Valley Christmas Tree Farm near Castro Valley, California