Style Me Pretty Weddings: The Book!
November 26, 2012
So far, I've birthed two babies. And one book. And from experience, I can tell you this. They are far more similar than one might think. They both require three things: patience, endurance & pure unabashed love. Plus, they both take the better part of nine months to create. There were nights with each that I cried so hard, I laughed. And days that I laughed so hard, I peed. And whether it's a baby or a book, there was often a tiny little voice of doubt in the farthest part of my mind that said, "can you really do this?" But guess what. I did. Both the babies and the book that is. And at the end of each, I felt more joy, more accomplishment then I could ever, ever put into words. So here it is...shiny, new and ready for pre-orders!
Cover Photography by Jose Villa

To celebrate, I thought I'd thought I'd share a little behind the scenes goodness from one of my very favorite parts of the book. Mainly because I came out of it covered head to toe in gold glitter and possibly a few glue gun burns, so the reward of seeing it in print was like more than I could have ever dreamed. If you haven't already guessed, it's the DIY section. Complete with the prettiest of pretty little projects that even the novice crafter can tackle with confidence. Oh and forgive the ugly iphone pics. Justin & Mary Marantz snapped the real deal which I can guarantee you is like the definition of pretty.
And here are a few behind the scenes shots that Justin & Mary Marantz snapped. Clearly, a good camera and a trained eye do wonders for photography. Wait, before I let you dive into these pics, can I just tell you how amazing J & M are? Like spent 9 hours straight shooting one pink, glittery project after another. Never complained, always laughed. I love them and am so very grateful that they helped to construct what I think will be the most loved chapters in the whole book.
So there you have it. The first ever Style Me Pretty Weddings Book. I can hardly believe that it's going to be sitting on the shelves of my favorite book stores in less than a month. So mark your calendars and if you haven't already, we would loooooove for you to pre-order it. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am sincerely humbled at the response that we've gotten and am so incredibly grateful for every last person that has ordered this book. It was a labor of love and one that I hope lives on in weddings forever and ever.