Italian Wedding from Trendinozze
November 26, 2012
By combining their love of tea, flowers and all things Japanese, this adorable couple crafted a day that was both beautiful and totally original. Filled with fun details (think confetti filled invitations) and bright pops of cheery color, this wedding is the perfect mix of vintage chic and fun, modern touches. Giuli&Giordi Photography snapped up all the pretty and there's a whole lot more to see right here.  

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From the Bride... I’ve always loved weddings and I’ve seen quite a few before it came to ours, so when it finally came our time I was excited and nervous at the same time. We were quite sure just about two things: we wanted something beautiful with a lot of care on the details and we wanted to have fun, partying with our friends and having a great time together. I really didn’t know where to start, and Laura, our wedding planner, really helped us in focusing on the good ideas, choosing the mood and the colors and giving shape to our theme idea — not so simple at all! Andrea loves Japan and I love tea and flowers, so we decide to mix them up together for a garden-party-tea-ceremony with some Japanese elements like paper parasols and origami. We spent a few months searching for all the little things that you can see in the details photos, always helped by Laura’s good advice: parasols, cups, tea samples, letters, origami paper, favor boxes and ribbons. My house was packed, but I loved it! I really enjoyed searching for the right fabric for my bridesmaid dresses and for my daughter, who had a really clear idea of what she wanted. We “designed” her dress together. I packed the favors one by one with my mom and my cousin (my bridesmaid), and they were joking at me all the time because of my fussiness, but I couldn’t help it: it was my wedding!

There are the moments that I will never forget: the early morning of the wedding trying to getting ready but too excited not to waste time in jokes while dressing my daughter and getting dressed by my best friends; the moment when I saw my husband-to-be at the end of the aisle watching me like he never had before (I couldn’t look at him for more than a few seconds or I would have burst into tears); and the first dance with my dad, for which I choose a song by Francoise Hardy called “Tous les garcons et les filles.” It’s the first song that my dad taught me to play on the piano when I was a little girl and it reminds me of all of the perfect times spent together. What I can say is that you can’t really control everything (even if I tried to!) so you have to choose very carefully who’s going to help you (friends, vendors…) make a list of what it really matters for you, and after you’ve done all you can do to make sure that what’s on your list is going to be fine, just relax and hope all the rest will follow!

Laura found the perfect wedding photographers. G&G are just amazing and we had so much fun. The photo booth was a blast! I love paper; when I travel, stationery shops are a must! Valentina by Cut and Paste is a paper elf, and she realized the perfect stationery set: fresh and colorful but delicate. Just what I wished for! I also love flowers and cannot imagine a wedding without them! Sofia by Il Profumo dei Fiori did a huge amount of work to find the coral charm peonies that I loved so much, and her designers were simple but wonderful at the same time! I’ve also got to thank Laura for the planning and all the good advice when I was lost in shopping trying to decide between umbrellas, fans, cups, lanterns (what size? what color?), ribbons, letters and so on. She and Sofia did an amazing job, and everybody fell in love with all the little (and big!) beautiful things that turned the church and the location into a fairy tale! And last but not least: the dress! I wanted something romantic but a little flippant, and when I saw all those little dots, I decided that was the one! This is my advice: it is just for one day, have fun, use it and don’t be worried about ruining it. Your dress won't be in perfect shape anymore at the end of the day anyway, so if you have had fun, then it was worth it!

Wedding Photography, Cinematography + Photo Booth: Giuli&Giordi Photography / Wedding Venue: Tenuta Castello in Desana, Vercelli, Italy / Wedding Design + Coordination: Laura of Trendinozze / Floral Design: Il Profumo dei Fiori / Catering: HB Catering / Wedding Cake: pasticceria balla / Wedding Stationery: Cut and Paste Lab / Reception Music: Full of Gas Scooter Team / Guestbook Illustration: Veronica Bilotta, The Bride’s Cousin / Wedding Dress: Elisabetta Polignano / Bridesmaids' + Flower Girls' Dresses: Custom by Patelli