Somerset, England Thanksgiving Wedding from Aaron Delesie
November 22, 2012
United Kingdom
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Thanksgiving. It's by far one of my most favorite holidays. Full of family and feasting, it's a day where people stop and take some much needed time to be thankful. And here at SMP, we couldn't begin to count all the things we are thankful for. So we are giving thanks in the way we know best, by sharing the pretty. Today's heaping helping of gorgeous comes by way of Aaron Delesie (we couldn't be more thankful for him) and this stunning Thanksgiving soiree (planned to perfection by David Pressman Events) that seems as though it could come straight out of a storybook. It's a fête where every image deserves top billing on the mantle, because they are all so jaw-droppingly beautiful. So after grabbing that second piece of pie, come join us in the gallery...we'll be in there for awhile.
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From David Pressman Events... Late into the evening of a recent Thanksgiving tucked away in the rolling hills of the English countryside, on the grounds of the members only club Babington House, newlyweds Heather and Neal Callow stood together and gazed upward as an incredible display of fireworks lit up the sky in honor of their wedding which had taken place just hours before. With family and friends gathered from across the globe, a magical evening was just hitting its stride. Married earlier in the day at St. Andrew's Church in the village of Mells in the English county of Somerset, the church tower, from 1446, had rung it's bells in honor of this glorious marriage. Still to come was an incredible family style Thanksgiving feast, laid out on a series of long tables in the dining room of Babington House, itself built in 1705 and in 1998 converted by the owners of the Soho House Club in London into a hotel, club and wedding venue.


From the very start the bride wanted simplicity and understated style in everything she and her groom-to-be chose. From the Save The Dates hand drawn by Neal (a talented Art Director with an impressive list of film credits behind him), to the simplicity of the flowers - roses, hydrangeas and ranunculus -  all the way to the wedding cake prepared by the best friend of the groom's mother. 


With months and months of preparation behind them, Heather and Neal had achieved what many brides and grooms set out to accomplish, but don't always realize - a joyous and unpretentious celebration that brought tears of joy and howls of laughter to all in attendance. Despite the grandeur of the setting, this wedding was all about fun, family and creating great memories and the guiding principal behind the design and execution for this wedding was the 1939 English saying, Keep Calm and Carry On. No drama and no doubt that this Thanksgiving wedding, with all the American fixings for the American born bride and her family, prepared by the amazing Babington House Chef and his team, shared with the grooms English family and guests from all over the United Kingdom, is filled with pictures of peace and harmony that will last forever.