Classic Pasadena Wedding from The Youngrens
November 21, 2012
United States
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This couple is so gorgeous they could be movie stars. Starring in the biggest day of their lives... a gorgeous black tie wedding complete with green and gold details, gorgeous flowers, and a venue straight out of the movies. And who better to capture two more gorgeous than movie stars on their wedding day? The Youngrens attended the ball, complete with their seasoned cameras - and taking enough fab stills to fill a gallery for you!
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Brian and I met through mutual friends at a meatball cook-off at his house. He asked me out three weeks later and the rest, as they say, is history. The day he proposed, I was finishing up a trial I was sitting on a jury for. It was a very long week and I was so excited for it to end because that Friday, Brian and I had plans to go to the Reagan Library for dinner and dancing under Air Force One to a Frank Sinatra Tribute Band. On the drive up, knowing how stressed I had been all week, Brian played a recording he made for me to cheer me up. This in it of itself was not unusual. As a musician, playing music is something he did often. We parked just as the recording ended. When I started to get out of the car, Brian stopped me and asked me to "hang on...there's more". The recording changed from singing to speaking. He went on to say the nicest most loving things...sounded like a proposal might be coming...and just when it sounded like it would happen, he turned the radio off and got out of the car. I was a little disappointed, having gotten excited a few moments earlier. As I turned to exit the car myself, he already had the door open. He reached in to press play and got down on one knee as the recording continued..." ...and yes, this is when I ask you to marry me". I turned to see him in his suit on one knee in the parking space and have never been happier. It truly was the most magical evening!

Brian and I grew up in opposite counties...he in Orange County, and me in Ventura County. On top of that we both have family from out of state so we wanted to find a wedding location that was not only centrally located between our immediate families but that would have a lot to offer those coming in from out of town. We fell in love with Pasadena immediately!

Green has always been a favorite color of mine so it was the obvious choice for a wedding color. We wanted to keep things very classic and natural. My real inspiration came from my wedding shoes which were the first wedding items I purchased. They were a sea foam green that we were able to tie into the decor and the wedding cake.

Knowing how many family members on both sides did not know us, we decided to write notes about our thoughts on many different topics (how we met, favorite trip together, etc.) We placed a different card at each place setting so guests could learn more about us and hopefully mingle at the tables as they shared the cards.

Golden Spoon frozen yogurt is another personal favorite that was a must for the reception! Our favors also held a special meaning for us. We feel so lucky to have found each other, we wanted to give each guest something that would hopefully bring them luck too: Lottery tickets! Tickets were wrapped in Kraft boxes with yarn and set at each place.

The entire day was so special but there are three events that stick out in our minds. The first is the flash mob my sister and her boyfriend orchestrated to my favorite song, "It's Raining Men". I have always danced to this song and thought for the longest time that night that I had the most talented wedding guests. Little did I know that a video of a choreographed routine was emailed months prior to the wedding guest list and everyone was in on it! It was a spectacular site and very overwhelming to watch. Definitely a favorite moment. Our second favorite moment was being surprised with a Bentley for transportation to and from the church. Some of our favorite wedding pictures came from the car and it was so much fun to be driven around in...felt like royalty! Our third favorite moment was our last dance. The Youngrens captured such a beautiful shot of our last dance with all guests standing around us. It reminds us every time we see it how blessed we are to be surrounded and supported by so many loving friends and family members.

Photography: The Youngrens / Event Designer: Nouveau Events / Florist: These Buds a Blooming / Entertainment: J&M Entertainment / Cake Artist: The Langham Huntington Pasadena / Reception Venue: The Langham Huntington Pasadena / Caterer: The Langham Huntington Pasadena / Lighting and Videography: J&M Entertainment / Hair Stylist: Bella A'More, Liz / Ceremony Venue: Westminster Presbyterian Church