Mario Lopez + Courtney Mazza Engagement Session by Kevin Weinstein
November 19, 2012
Hold on to your seat ladies, you are in for such a treat. Because if you're anything like me, you've literally grown up with the boy behind this absolutely beautiful engagement session. And while you still might have a tiny (read: huge) crush on him, you also sort of think that he hit the soon-to-be jackpot in his lady love, Courtney Mazza. So you will most certainly have all sorts of crazy emotions as you devour their, um, ENGAGEMENT SESSION. Yep, it's Mario and Courtney's e-sesh complete with the most beautiful little girl you ever did see and photographs so heart-stoppingly lovely by Kevin Weinstein, you sort of wish they were yours. Oh and there is more, right here.
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From Kevin Weinstein...Two weeks from tomorrow the gang and I will be in sunny, warm Mexico to photograph the two-day wedding celebration of TV personality and celebrity Mario Lopez to Broadway actress Courtney Mazza. A two-hour reality documentary TV special called Mario and Courtney's Wedding Fiesta will air on TLC Saturday, December 8th, 2012.

Ricky, my studio manager, and I flew back out to Los Angles and spent the morning and afternoon at Mario and Courtney's home photographing around the house and property. It was definitely a lot different than roaming the streets here in Chicago. Normally, I have my 15 or so spots I like to visit, know exactly how to work those situations and get my clients comfortable.

I spent the first hour photographing Courtney alone, which helped put me ease. She is so incredibly beautiful, and at ease in front of the lens. I didn't have to tell her to do anything. All I had to focus on was composition and the moment. By the time Mario entered the picture, I continued with the same approach and found myself buzzing away for nearly 5 hours.

Photography: Kevin Weinstein Photography