Michigan Backyard Wedding from Bryan and Mae
November 8, 2012
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When these two decided to tie the knot in a backyard affair in lovely Michigan, they choose to keep it simple and sweet and let the commitment they were making take center stage. And it was lovely. Simply put, lovely. Bryan and Mae were the perfect team to capture a day so sweetly laid-back and charming, and capture they did - perfectly. Click here for more!
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Basically, we decided to move 1200 miles, both start new jobs, sell a house in Michigan and buy a house in Texas and get married all in a span of 3 months, so the theme of the wedding was "keep it simple, make it happen, no drama." Haha!

Advice: don't sweat the small stuff. Hire good people you can trust their judgement in your absence. I never even tasted our food or desserts! I knew Jason Kakabaker at the Cakabakery was amazing at what he does so I just told him some ideas of types of things that Matt and I like and he went to town. We knew we wanted portable bite sized desserts so people could take them and play games, etc.

Patrick Fitzgerald is a long-time friend of the family. My grandfather was a florist, and Pat started his career working for my grandpa. We talked about the feeling we were trying to convey and how we wanted the decor to look like it belonged on the property. He literally drove his truck filled with cream and green flowers of all kinds (I let him figure out what was the most economical based on season) and set up shop filling all the different containers. It was an easier one for him because we didn't want all the arrangements PERFECT ... He did a few vases, I approved and then just let him do his thing.

Jamie and Terry from Heyday were the same thing. We had discussed overall vision and look and feel of the event via email and photos and they delivered! I didn't try to control everything... I didn't have the time or proximity to the event to do that. I think it made all the difference! My TWO amazing moms made signs and had other supplies prearranged for Jamie and Terry and they worked their magic.

It's important that everyone working on your wedding knows what the overall vibe is... All the details may not be exactly like your inspiration pictures but in our case, it turned out even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!

Photographer: Bryan and Mae / Coordinator: Heyday Event Lab / Desserts: Jason Kakabaker at The Cakabakery / Flowers: Patrick Fitzgerald / Signs: DIY, Mother of the Bride / Banners & Place Card Flags: DIY, Mother of the Groom