Plymouth Engagement Session from Ruth Eileen Photography
November 5, 2012
New England

Love works in mysterious ways and for this darling duo it was chance 10 minute meeting and a 5 hour first date (!) that led to a lifetime of romance.  So, when choosing the perfect spot for their engagement session, it was a total no-brainer... Main Street in Plymouth, the location of that very first date and an uber-gorgeous backdrop to boot.  Thankfully for us, Ruth Eileen Photography was on hand to snap up all of the lovely... and the gallery?  One fabulous way to spend a Monday.  See it all here.

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From the Bride-to-Be... Justin and I chose Main Street in Plymouth because Sam Diegos was the spot of our first date, and we had such a great time together there. It was actually a pretty big date for more than just your usual reasons. We'd met about eight months prior when he was the ICU nurse taking care of my grandmother at a local hospital. She was actually our matchmaker and told him he had to meet her granddaughter. She was even able to get his number later for me. But unfortunately, we had trouble meeting up at first; life got in the way and we each had a lot going on. I thought it was never going to happen and actually deleted his number. Then in late September he reached out again via Facebook and we were finally able to set a date at Sam Diegos for dinner on October 16, 2008. I think we were both pretty nervous when that night rolled around (I know he had a drink or two before I met him there). We'd talked on the phone several times but we hadn't actually seen each other since mid-January that same year — and that was only for 10 minutes! But luckily, as fate would have it, the date went very smoothly, and we hit it off immediately. Justin was so easy to talk to and dinner expanded to drinks at a bar across the street. The whole thing lasted 5 hours! And that was that. We've been happy ever since and can't wait to get married next August. I love going back to Sam Diegos because we always remember how it's where everything started for us. Plus the food is delicious! We felt it was only right to have our photos taken at the spot where our journey began.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography / Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts / Hair + Makeup: Beehive the Salon