Winnie Couture 2013 Bridal Collection
November 1, 2012
Bridal Market Week in New York City.  Seven words that send us into a literal frenzy of jump up and down excitement and total, uninhibited squeals of glee.  We love it.  Which is why we are devoting two full days to all things crazy gorgeous with a Bridal Market Week recap of eleven fabulous designers and the dazzling new gowns that are guaranteed to take.your.breath.away.  Yep - TWO FULL DAYS.  And it all starts right here.right now with one of our favorites, Winnie Couture.  Think dreamy layers, sophisticated detailing and enough glamour to last a lifetime - all wrapped up in some of the most amazing gowns you will every lay your eyes upon.  Ready to get your swooning on?  Click here for more.
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We kind of love every.last.gown in the new Winnie Couture collection.  And by "kind of love," I mean we are 100% obsessed.  And, really, who wouldn't absolutely adore these ultra-feminine, seriously sophisticated and downright luxurious gowns?  Each one is a serious dream come true with a classic meets modern vibe we just can't get enough of.  And choosing our favorite?  Not possible.  But, we just HAD to do a fashion round-up with a gown that took our breath away from moment one.  It's for all of you brides wanting to add a bit of glam to your wedding day look.  Enjoy.

Wedding Gown: Winnie Couture  / Sash: Ruche / Earrings: Mija / Bracelet: Tejani / Clutch: Kate Spade / Shoes: Valentino