Dade City Wedding at Lange Farm from Elizabeth Davis Photography
October 24, 2012
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We are making our way through this oh-so-pretty day, and there is still so much gorgeous on the agenda. Like this darling farm wedding as seen through the lens of Elizabeth Davis that just happens to be filled with style and gorgeous blooms and pretty details - which makes us all weak in the knees over it as SMP. It's the perfect combination of style and sweetness, and you can see every bit of it right here!
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From the Bride... I can honestly say that our wedding was the best day of our lives. There have been countless times that I have longed to go back and do it all over again. “Epic” is the word we use to describe March 18th. In our eyes, nothing could have been better. I have always been a firm believer of short engagements. I was ready to marry Rob the moment he proposed in December. He and I love the outdoors and the fresh air, so from the beginning we knew we wanted an outdoor ceremony. I am currently in pharmacy school, so summer was really the only option. The catch was a summer wedding outside in Florida would be miserable. I had always imagined a spring wedding, so we bumped it up to March (my spring break) — which meant three months to plan a wedding. I knew right of the start that it would be possible, because I had three amazing people around me that I trusted so very much. First, my mother, who is amazing. She has worked as a florist and understands weddings and what our priorities would be. Second, my florist and friend Amy Fretto at The Conservatorie in St. Augustine. I could have given absolutely no direction to Amy, and knew I would love every part of it. She was phenomenal. Then there are my sisters: Helen (my sister) and Kate (my sister-in-law).  They understand my style and taste so well, which helped tremendously when decisions had to be made quickly.

My mum has always said one the most important things to do when throwing a wedding is to take care of your guests. Some have traveled hundreds of miles to be there on your special day, so it your responsibility to make sure they are well taken care of. The best way we knew how to do this was to serve incredible food. With Rob’s southern roots and my British heritage, we wanted a southern menu full of shrimp of grits and biscuits done with a classic style. Puff n’ Stuff was the company that we hired for this.They immediately put me at ease over all the many details of the big day. The things I would forget, I knew they would remember, and they did just that.

Photography is something that was very important to Rob and me. We wanted someone that would capture the essence of the day in its natural form. I have known Elizabeth Davis since college and have seen her grow into the outstanding photographer that she is. I had been in weddings that she had shot and loved the presence she brings. She knew when to be there and when to be invisible. It was so exciting to finally see the images she had captured, because I honestly didn’t remember what she had shot. She did a wonderful job capturing not only the details of the day, but our spirit as a couple. March 18th was a perfect day, thanks to the help of all the amazing vendors and my family. Rob and I were true to ourselves and focused on what is really important: the covenant we made before the Lord to live our lives together, loving and serving each other.

Wedding Photography: Elizabeth Davis Photography / Wedding Venue: Lange Farm in Dade City, Florida / Floral Design: Amy Fretto of The Conservatorie Floral & Event Design / Catering: Puff ‘n Stuff Catering / DJ: Grant Hemond and Associates