DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Games
October 21, 2012
Whenever I'm hosting a party, it's really important to me that I figure out ways to bring in what is seasonally appropriate. Whether it's sprigs of holly for the Christmas holidays or pumpkins for a Fall celebration, incorporating moments of authenticity in a new way is just really cool. Which is why I love these trick or treat leaves - with fun little games written on the back based on tricks or treats.

artificial leaves
black spray paint
dropcloth to paint on
peach ribbon
clear tacks
white Posca extra fine paint marker

Instructions for Trick or Treat Leaves:

Step 1: Spray paint your leaves black on both sides, and let dry.

Step 2: Cut 50 4-inch lengths of peach ribbon, and tie one end of each to a single ribbon.

Step 3: Hang that ribbon on your wall with tacks and spread out the hanging ribbons.

Step 4: Tie the leaves to each ribbon.

Step 5: Use your Posca marker to write "trick" on half the leaves and "treat" on the other half. On the backside, write out the tricks and treats for your guests.


Photography: Rebecca of Rebecca Hansen Weddings/ Design + Styling: Jess Blazejewski for Style Me Pretty