Edmonton Wedding from Eternal Reflections Photography
October 19, 2012
North America

Now this is a radiant wedding if I've ever seen one. The sunlight shining through the beautiful windows of the Art Gallery of Alberta onto the nuptials of these two beaming lovebirds is breathtaking in every sense of the word and I'm still taking in all of the gorgeousness of each image from Eternal Reflections Photography. And you can treat yourself to even more of the oh-so-pretty details from Jennifer Bergman Weddings in our gallery right here.

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From Eternal Reflections Photography... Jessica and Brandon wanted a very classy, chic wedding. Jessica did not want fussy getting ready photos, and these two opted to do their formal photos ahead of time. They kept things simple and classy. Their ceremony and reception were held in the main space of the Art Gallery of Alberta, and they had the room decorated with modern chairs, succulents and unique florals. The reception was a cocktail party with tall cocktail tables and delicious food that guests could help themselves to at will. With speeches kept very brief and done very informally, the evening had a classic New York mixed with casual feel.

I fell in love with these two as they had two of the kindest hearts I have ever met. All throughout their day, I overheard vendors saying how amazing of a couple they are. How down to earth they are. How easy going and kind they both are. It couldn't be more true. Jessica and Brandon have hearts of gold. Literally, gold. I adore them, and cannot wait to creepily watch their lives via Facebook and see all of the amazing things that they do, all of the joy that they attract into their lives. They radiate love, warmth and all that is good in the world. In a couple of weeks, Jessica is heading to Africa with a giant suitcase full of amenities to bless the lives of others... because that is just who she is. If you have ever lost hope in mankind, you just need to spend an afternoon with these two.

I think that one of the most important things in a marriage is being best friends and fully having each others' back. These two have that. They will always be each others' biggest fans. They are not afraid to show their hearts and emotions to each other, and that type of emotional honesty is vital if you want a really connected marriage. Because they are who they are, because their souls are so sincere, their love is also very mature and deep. It is a quiet, calm love. When you are around these two, you know that they are old souls. They define soul mates. I know, without a doubt, that these two will still be holding hands when they are wrinkly and gray... because theirs is a love that will last.

Wedding Photography: Eternal Reflections Photography / Wedding Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta / Wedding Planning: Jennifer Bergman Weddings / Floral Design: Janine of FaBLOOMosity / Decor: D'Lusso Event Design Inc. / Cupcakes + Sweets Table: Duchess Bake Shop / Wedding Invitations + Paper Goods: Pink Polka Wedding Design / Wedding Dress: San Patrick "Bagdad" via Novelle Bridal Shop