Backyard Jupiter Wedding from Rockstar Catering Company
October 17, 2012

This wedding is beautiful.  Beyond beautiful.  And when a beautiful wedding like this comes our way, we get all kinds of happy.  Crazy happy.  Because this wedding?  This stunning Jupiter soiree?  It has the ability to brighten your ENTIRE day with gorgeous florals and design by Fringe & Company, a breathtaking backyard setting and seriously stunning images by Courtney Lindberg Photography.  And with every last moment planned and catered to perfection by Rockstar Event Planners, we're in for one serious day of lovely.  Join me in the gallery for more.

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From the Bride... I'm an indecisive lady, I'll admit it. I spent months going back and forth, frantically searching blogs and venues and dwelling over the details.  One night, after a thorough six hours of wedding research, my fiancee Brad sat me down and said, "You need to stop obsessing over everything that could be, and determine what it is that you want and what reflects our personalities." To be honest, Brad and I aren't exactly wedding people. We prefer to be behind the scenes, we're not dancers, we like to spend our nights in, and big groups of people overwhelm us — especially when that big group has their eyes on us. I wanted a place that could make us feel comfortable, not grandiose or intimidating. I wanted to be cozy and relaxed. What I wanted was to be home. The problem was, home was on the other side of the country in Florida. So I made the call to my parents and asked if it would be okay to have a backyard wedding. Supportive as always, they agreed. My husband and I are based in Los Angeles, both in the film industry. Our life and love revolves around films. Our first date was at the movies, and our proposal was at home while watching that same film we saw on our first date. All of this stirred up my ultimate crazy vision: a movie theater lounge wedding. I finally knew what I wanted and could imagine every last detail. I just had no idea how I would be able to achieve it from 3,000 miles away.

I'm fortunate that my mother and I have the same obsessive online behavior. She emailed me the link to Rockstar Catering Company, based in my hometown of Jupiter, Florida, and told me she had invited them over to talk. Within a week we had determined Rachel and Kyle were the ones for us (my mom was also ready to adopt them as her own). Rockstar was accommodating, understanding and completely on board with making the wedding in my head come to life. And they did. The day was perfect. I know everyone says that, but it really truly was. What moved me to the core was seeing everyone in our lives lend a hand in our big day. Our parents helped find us every single last item we dreamed of featuring at the wedding. My poor sister ran all over town in a desperate search for donut holes to go with the evening's coffee (it was one of those touches I for some reason was dying to have). My best friend, Corey, treated our wedding like a film set — and produced, designed and helped run the show. Courtney Lindberg flew out from LA to take the most incredible photos, while the sweet Amber Moon of Pitbulls and Posies pulled an all-nighter designing our invitations. And then there was Ian, our dearest mutual friend, who married us as the sun set under a gorgeous mason jar chandelier.

As our reception didn't feature any dancing, Brad and I wanted to ensure that there was plenty of things for folks to do. So we set up a canvas for everyone to paint a special mark on, a photo booth for silly pictures and a movie screen where we played The Princess Bride. I was so thrilled that everyone took part in all of the fun. And then there was the food. Oh, the food! Kyle's team made everyone stuffed to the brim and happy with his amazing treats. He even featured a taco bar for us! My favorite! The highlight of my night came from the two most important men in my life: my husband and my father. My husband created a breathtaking film where we both spoke our honest "vows," the words we knew we would never be able to pull off during our ceremony. We hadn't seen each others' segments, and when I heard him share his feelings about our love — the floodgates opened. And the tears kept coming. After having demanded no speeches from anyone, my father rebelled and delivered the most thoughtful, sweet and charming speech that tugged at my every heartstring. These were by far the most important, memorable and touching moments of my night. It's been almost a year now, and I still look back and have my heart flutter over how perfect and beautiful our wedding was. I wish I could curl up and live inside the happiness of that day forever.

Wedding Photography: Courtney Lindberg Photography / Wedding Venue: The Bride's Family Home in Jupiter, Florida / Floral + Event Design: Fringe & Company / Event Coordination: Rockstar Event Planners / Catering: Rockstar Catering Company / Wedding Cakes + Cupcakes: Publix / Wedding Invitations: Pitbulls and Posies / Wedding Dress: Sue Wong via Saks Fifth Avenue / Hair + Makeup: Jennifer Van Portfleet / Groom's Suit: Ben Sherman / Wedding Bands: Takayas Custom Jewelry