Bushland Engagement Session from And a Day Photography
October 10, 2012
Australia & South Pacific

This engagement shoot is uber romantic!! There are so many beautiful shots of this cuddly couple with beyond breathtaking backdrops behind them. I love that they brought their pooch along for the ride too. Engagement sessions as special as this one make us at SMP want to stop and smell the roses. Ah. There we go. The amazing work of And a Day Photography in the full gallery of photos delivers a truly refreshing respite, filled with love and a bubbly Boston Terrier!

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From the Bride-to-Be... A little while after my sister was married, I met her new husband's brother, and he seemed nice. My sister talked about how great he was and that he had walked her home, etc. We started having family Sunday dinners with the four of us. The boys were always very close brothers and the same goes for my sister and me, so it was great. Slowly her man's brother (Matt) and I started hanging out more. He asked me to go to the movies one day and was given a stern warning by his brother not to make a move. As luck would have it, (for the first time ever and I'm sure it will never happen again), we were the only ones in the cinema! But he didn't make a move. :) We spent the next month talking, hanging out all the time and every time he'd go to leave I'd be at the door waiting for our first kiss but it never happened.

We tried to resist as we didn't want to risk our siblings' relationship, but there was no stopping it. One night, with a few drinks down, we finally had our first kiss. Our siblings were not impressed. In fact, they took turns at being upset about it, and it took about six months before they were both happy for us. We were together three months and decided to move in together, despite everyone telling us that it would end up a disaster. When my sister first told me her new man was Canadian, I was so worried that he would take her back to live there, but little did I know that I would be the one to move to Canada with her brother! We lived there for just over a year and spent our best time in a 1950s log cabin at the foot of the ski hills in Collingwood, Ontario. We moved back to Australia and bought our first home on the South Coast (One street over from our brother, sister and two nephews. Yes, I know that sounds weird.).

Matt planned for months to propose to me at the recent City and Colour gig and Dallas Green was supposed to say something but it fell through (Matt worked with his cousin and is from the same home town). He proposed the next night as the sun set over the escarpment, and we had a picnic on a hill above the ocean with our little Boston Terrier pup (we did an awesome road trip to Queensland to adopt her). It was perfect. It's crazy that my sister and I, who are polar opposites, found our perfect matches in two brothers (also opposites) who grew up on the other side of the world.    

Photography: And a Day Photography / Dress: ASOS