Austin Engagement Session from The Bird & The Bear
October 5, 2012
VintageOutdoor Weddings

If The Bird & The Bear were planning on seriously brightening our Friday morning with this sweet, sweet engagement session, then they have most definitely succeeded, because this is the kind of e-shoot that will conjure up only the happiest of feelings and leave a smile on your face from here 'till we meet again on Monday.  Yep - it's just.that.good.  And the uber-chic bride-to-be and her dashing (and SO in love) beau?  Adorbs.  Click here for every last heartwarming moment and then stay tuned for an equally as awesome film from The Bird & The Bear below.

Click here for the FULL engagement session!

From the Bride-to-Be... Will and I were tossing around some ideas for a engagement shoot one day, and Will was actually the one that came up with the idea to set up a fake house in the woods. I thought it had a lot of potential, so we started running with it from there. Some of the props were actually decorations from my house at school, so it really represents my taste. We made a day of finding the rest of the items at thrift and antique shops and had a lot of fun together. The whole set is likely what our future home will look like (minus the walls being trees part), since we both love fun, vintage style. Caryn and Bryan are so talented, and we had a blast shooting with them!

Photography + Cinematography: The Bird & The Bear — Photography & Films / Location: Austin, Texas / Set Design: The Bride-to-Be