Winnipeg Wedding from Victoria Anne Photography
October 4, 2012
North America

Oh. My. Gosh. I honestly don't even know where to start with this one! Every little detail, every color, flower, sign, bowtie, even the silverware was carefully designed and plucked to be a little perfect piece of this dream of a wedding! The couple's slogan, "With you. Wherever." is just so special I am starting to choke up just thinking about it, and the bride and groom poured their creative souls into every DIY craft project, which consisted of pretty much everything! Kudos to them, and a big thanks to Victoria Anne Photography for capturing this wedding gem right here in the full gallery of photos!

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From the Bride... Our wedding was inspired by the year of long-distance dating we did before I finally moved to Ottawa, Canada to be with my husband. Our wedding theme came naturally: "With you. Wherever." Words a friend wrote for us that spoke right to our hearts! Dan and I wanted our wedding the be filled with elements that were familiar to our relationship. The greatest compliment we got was that the wedding felt like us and gave people insight into our love! We found a woman who could arrange garden flowers, the same ones that fill out house in summer. At the wedding, we ate off of the same vintage plates we do at home (though we had to get many many more), used lace panels from our bedroom and the bow ties that Dan loves to wear! We even covered the room with loving post-it notes, the same kind we leave for each other around the house.

We crafted together over a very long period of time — painting birdhouses to hang from the trees over the ceremony, painting picture frames to hang around the venue, dipping cutlery in our colors (mustard, teal and coral), and sewing yard after yard of burlap that sat atop every table. We placed photos of our travels all around the room and through the trees so people could get a sense of the great journey we had been on together, as well as the journey we were embarking on! We drank from mason jars, danced under string lights, and a giant photo mural (from our engagement photo shoot) was the backdrop to our dance floor! We sprinkled heart-shaped maps all over the room, which tied in the theme beautifully, and hung colorful pennants all over! We also took photos in a nearby, burned-down monastery  in the town I grew up in. It was a popular hang-out for me and my bridesmaids when we were young! We've known each other for over 20 years, so it was so special to be back in that place with them on the special day!

Dan and I wrote our own vows to each other. Words so sweet I could frame and put on my wall to read every day! We both cried through the whole ceremony (and not the cute kind of crying either!), and when the ceremony was over, we had a toast to our bridal party and got the night started on the outdoor patio for cocktail hour! The night was a crazy party. We danced, talked, sat by the bonfire outside and soaked up every minute that just seemed to be flying by! The evening was filled with so much love. So many kind words, tears, hugs and laughs. Dan and I left that night with a whole new level of love; not only for each other but for our friends and family who had busted their butts helping us plan a wedding from a province away (did I mention we live in Ottawa but got married in our home city of Winnipeg?). Not only did they help plan and organize, but they went above and beyond and spoke the kindest words in front of 125 people. I hope to never forget all the love I felt that day, and I think these photos really capture that feeling for us. Our WONDERFUL photographer and close friend, Aly Lenhardt of Victoria Anne Photography, could not have done better job. Her photos are beautiful and I can not stop looking at them!!

Wedding Photography: Aly Lenhardt of Victoria Anne Photography / Wedding Venue: St. Norbert Arts Centre in St. Norbert, Manitoba / Floral Design: Carol Bergmann / Event Design + Planning: Daniel + Katelin Dubois (The Bride & Groom) / Wedding Invitations: Katelin Dubois (The Bride) / Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham "Joy" / Bride's Shoes: Spring / Bride's Hair Piece: Sequin Appliques / Hair: Kara of Hair FX / Bridesmaids' Dresses: Various / Groom's Suit: Burberry