Vintage Corby, England Wedding Film from Ever After
September 29, 2012
United Kingdom
We love Saturdays on the Little Black Book Blog because we have a little more time to dedicate to the viewing of a phenomenal wedding film, and today will not disappoint. Not only is the film, from Ever After, one to make you run for the tissues, but the couple's story is so crazy, you just have to read it to believe it. So press play, then save some time to read all about these two lovebirds from the dashing groom's perspective.
It was a cold wet February evening in the town of Corby, England. Saturday the 17th to be exact. Both of us were attending a meeting to sign up for charity work serving at the world famous Glastonbury festival. At this point, we didn’t know each other. But as the obligatory karaoke and alcohol flowed (for Michelle as I don’t drink at all, but I do sing!) Michelle said to her friends she had her eye on a handsome young man sitting a few tables away. She came over, and we spoke; about music, life and ourselves, and this was what would be, unbeknown to us, the start of a romance that would lead us to where we are today…

Music was a shared love of both of us, and indeed it was only fitting that our first date was a gig of which, I only remember small parts of, simply because I was so besotted with Michelle and the amazing aura she has about her.

We also shared a passion for the world; mine new and enthusiastic about seeing and experiencing what our amazing world has to offer and Michelle the seasoned veteran keen to expand her horizons and visit more wonderful parts of the globe. So as our relationship
blossomed, I moved in and our ambitious plans to travel and see the world together began to come together nicely.

South America was our first destination, where we took in The Peruvian Amazonia, trekked the Inca trail, and one of my most important ever purchases ever: an engagement ring. So I planned secretly to try to pull off a romantic gesture and propose at stunning point on the trip, loaded with the ring at all times to pounce on a perfect opportunity to pop the question and marry the woman of my dreams. We continued our travels through the wonderful countries of Bolivia and Argentina soaking up the amazing cultures and sights, but no moment seemed to be the perfect. And not least a rather rare experience during our visit to Brazil and the famous Rio de Janeiro, where we were tied up and held captive in our hostel by seven gunmen equipped with grenades and knives who robbed us and 30 others of our money and our only worldly possessions. Definitely not what we had planned, but a story to tell nonetheless!

If I hadn’t already had our love confirmed before, the Rio experience made us realised how much we loved each other, and gave my proposal plans even more impetus! (and luckily the ring survived the situation too!)

We continued our travels, driving a camper van round New Zealand and Australia, and then on to the wonders of Asia, where I finally got the chance, on our favourite beach, using my guitar to play our favourite song, finally asked the question I wanted to ask for 11 months… SHE SAID YES!!!!!

We arrived home and within a year Michelle was well under way planning the vintage inspired wedding she has always wanted. Everything from the location to the tea cups and flowers, our wedding oozed style and imagination thanks to Michelle’s hard work and vision. It truly would take too long to explain the thought and effort that went in to creating such a unique setting and atmosphere for the perfect day. The village church was quaint in size but huge on character and occasion. The transport was festival inspired with a friend’s vintage VW camper van doing the transport honours. The wonderful National Trust site home to a old ruin set the scene for our romantic marquee reception, and the traditional ice cream van sweetened the procession after a fresh summer styled barbecue was a hit with the guests.

The speeches were truly a magical memory. After myself, the father of the bride and the best man had performed their duties, a collection of family and friends sprung a massive surprise by jumping to their feet and adapting the words of Lou Reeds ‘perfect day’ to suit the bride and groom. A truly magical moment.

The entertainment was brought throughout the day by a range of wonderful professionals, led by the fantastic toastmaster Matthew Biggin who kept the relaxed wedding party flowing, singer songwriter Kelli Blanchett providing wonderful voice and guitar playing for the reception, whilst the live band and DJ gave the wedding party the opportunity to put on their dancing shoes.

I’ve never danced, cried, laughed or smiled so much in my life, the permanent smiles on our faces were uncontrollable, which I can truly describe as a wonderful experience sharing such a happy and momentous occasion with the ones we loved, it couldn’t have gotten any better. People said to me before who had gone through the vow of marriage before us, enjoy the day it will go quick and that your own wedding is the best wedding you will ever attend, and I have to say, every cliché given to us, including the two mentioned above, were absolutely true, and I am so glad that we savoured and enjoyed every moment of it.

The day was perfect. The hard work, help and support of our families and friends sprinkled with the wonderful ideas and style of my beautiful wife’s impeccable taste, matched by the beautifully captured frames by our videographers (ever after) I can easily say, without doubt and without question, this day will be forever one of the most special of our lives.

The icing on the cake to complete us was the arrival of our son Elijah Bearin April 2012.

Cinematography: Ever After / Ceremony venue: St. Mary's church in Lower Benefield / Reception venue: Lyveden New Bield / Dress and headband: Jenny Packham / Make up by: Liza Smith / Flowers: Vicky Martin, Corby / Hair: Extreme Lengths, Corby / DJ: John Headley / Live band: The Contenders / Marquee: Posh Tents / Bar: Chequered Skipper / Catering: DDW caterers / Toast master: Matthew Biggin