7 Tips to Delivering a Memorable Speech from Epic Motion
September 28, 2012
We've all been to the wedding where the best man has a few too many "Courage Shots" before getting up in front of all the couples' nearest and dearest to say a sweet little bit about the two of them - and it doesn't turn out so well. It can be a scary thing, standing up in front of that many people with the highest expectations of delivering a memorable, heartwarming speech. But Epic Motion is totally here to rescue you, MOH's and Best Men. They've captured their fair share of beautiful soirees and have come up with seven simple tips to rock everyones socks off with your unforgettable speech.
1. Keep it short. Leave people wanting more rather than having them be annoyed that you talked too much. Two minutes is a good goal.

2. Keep it about THEM (the bride and groom). This isn’t a time to tattle on the groom or talk about how awesome you are.

3. Speak highly of them. This is their day. Even if you’re not absolutely crazy about who your bestie chose to marry because guess what—it’s too late! Make an impact by choosing to love them and help them be the best couple they can be. They are counting on you.

4. Rehearse. Find someone you trust to practice the speech on. Or if someone is filming the wedding, see if you can arrange a practice round with him or her.

5. Be yourself. If people don’t know you as a stand up comic, “sit down” and leave the routine at home.

6. Use notes. Even if it’s one word from your opening line, one word to remind you of a story you’re going to share, and one word to cue you for the closing thought…those three words can be a great safety net.

7. Be sentimental. If there’s one time in your life where you’re allowed to be sentimental (besides at your own wedding), it’s here. Share the thing that is your favorite about that person—why you love them or what you hope for them. Speaking to and about them in this moment is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do it justice.

And now for a gorgeous wedding, with a speech done SO right from Epic Motion...
Now how is that for a spectacular speech? Just the right amount of sentiment, love, and joy. And not to mention the beyond gorgeous wedding.

Cinematography: Epic Motion / Venue: Pine Trace / Photography: Linda from Bella Uno Photography // Florist: Roses of Warren / Linens: Affordable Elegance Chair Covers / Entertainment: Elite Entertainment / Cake: KJs Confections