Behind the Scenes of Mr. Boddington's Studio
September 21, 2012
Tri State
Pretty paper goods just happen to be our wedding kryptonite at SMP. One look at a piece of stylish stationery and we are donzo. Goners. We have no chance. Seeing the dance of typography, design and deliciously thick paper as they come together in a suite makes us swoon, so it should be pretty obvious that we are Mr. Boddington's number one fans. When we heard rumblings that they up and moved to another stylish studio, we begged and pleaded for a peek - and being the gentleman that he is, Mr. Boddington obliged. Well, after seeing the new space, and dyyyyinnng over the new wedding's safe to say there are a few SMPers around these parts (me) that want to move in...tomorrow. See even more goodness here!
From Mr. Boddington's Studio...Mr. Boddington's new studio space is perched above the (very) old-world fur shops on the west side of Manhattan. It is a peculiar walk to go from the spectacular ferns and purple prairie clovers on the High Line through the rows and rows of dusty trapper hats to eventually find Mr. Boddington's. Mr. Boddington himself thought his creative team had gone bananas when he walked through the door during a prospective visit... The space was a cluttered pond of cubicles, mini medusa heads of electric cords and stacks of vinyl binders stuffed with ancient dot-matrix printouts. But those things could be tossed in Thursday's trash bin. What really stunned the gentleman was the tenant's questionable choice of paint color: maroon. Oh, the horror. Refusing to remove his hand off his dropped jaw, he turned on his heel and took the next plane to Cairo. Ignoring Mr. Boddington's grimace, the team gutted the penthouse floor, scrubbed the windows with lemon and vinegar, hired a talented carpenter to reinvent the space and slowly carried in one antique after another (the handsome blue couch was sawed in half to make its journey up the nine flights of stairs, and it took 105 tubes of super glue and an upholsterer flown in from Croatia to repair it). Well-rested from a summer on the Aegean Sea, Mr. Boddington once again applauded his talented team. The studio was now open for business.
From this address, hand-drawn designs, hand-tailored correspondence and lots of new paper goods are sold. And true to his heritage, Mr. Boddington still creates custom invitations for discerning brides looking to astonish their guests.
Mr. Boddington's NEW Wedding Line...The clock tends to click faster as one's wedding date approaches. Knowing brides don't always have the time (or pennies) to order custom pieces, Mr. Boddington created a curated collection of ready-to-use goods. The pieces are classics (escort cards, place cards, thank-you sets, wedding certificates, guest posters, etc.) and can easily be integrated into any swan's wedding story. Some bits are letterpressed, others printed in flat matte. Some feature hand-drawn illustrations, while others have hand-tailored elements such as envelope linings. Years of chatting with brides from the upper east side to Shanghai made creating this collection effortless. We simply selected their favorites.
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Gorgeous, no? Mr. Boddington sure knows his way into the hearts of stylish SMPers all over the land. We hope you enjoyed this little look behind the curtain as much as we did, and if you are anything like us - you'll be swooning over ever bit of the gallery goodness for the majority of the afternoon. It's good for the wedding-loving soul.

Paper Goods: Mr. Boddington's Studio