One of the best moments you’ll ever have post-wedding is sitting down with your newly anointed Mr. or Mrs. and looking through each and every glorious image of your wedding, as captured by your friends and family.  I mean, let’s face it, your besties really know how to snap up those totally amazing, seriously fun and hysterically awesome moments… and you can’t wait to dive right in to all of the magic. The only problem?  Gathering up those memories in one easy to use location.  Enter Wedding Snap, a photo sharing service that proves collecting photos from your guests can be seriously simple AND fun. We love them.

With Wedding Snap you no longer have to wait for your bestie to email you those 300 photos she took – or tag you on Facebook.  Your guests can simply snap a photo with their FREE app using their iPhone or Android and the image will be instantly uploaded to the Wedding Snap live album.  Yep – INSTANTLY. That means your nearest and dearest can see all of the happenings of your big day in real time – no matter their location.  And not only is Wedding Snap soooo simple to use, you can rest assured that your photos will be uploaded in the highest resolution – you can even use the Fun Filters to give your photos a rosy hue or vintage look.  And did I mention that you can create and store multiple albums (honeymoon, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner), upload as many photos as you want (unlimited!), print each of the images AND share on Facebook, your wedding website or wherever else you please?  You can even set up a “Fam Cam” at the reception with their Live-Streamed Moderated Slideshow feature!   Seriously cool.

So, SMPers.  You know what to do.  Head on over to Wedding Snap to get started today.  Wedding Snap will even provide you with 250 personalized instruction cards for each of your guests, so they can be totally prepared for all of the fun.  And the first 100 readers that use the promotional code “SMP20” will receive 20% off their package!  How amazing is that?  And be sure to check out Wedding Snap’s Pinterest Contest for a chance to win a stellar pair of Christian Louboutins!  So fun! xoxo